From Above

From Above

Two souls are so deeply in love with one another that they are entangled beyond life itself.

William Ward (Danny Glover) recalls the love story of his life with Venus. Their love is a difficult scenario to play: in a very Greek-Shakespearean tragedy manner, as both of them belong to different cultures and backgrounds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galvy F (nl) wrote: When we have nothing to lose but ourself. When we don't have nothing to lose but our car. When we don't have nothing to lose but our life. When we just cant seem to lose some people off our backs. When others don't have nothing to lose when they signed up for this. When others don't have nothing to lose when they already list everything, business and livlihood. When we lose our direction and the direction of those whom we are following, we stumnle upon someone whom gains us our collateral. When others don't have nothing to lose when they lost their mind, body and soul. When we don't have nothing to lose when we no money, or anything else. When we only got things to sell, or things to gain. When we can't afford to lose anything more, we don't take chances. When we have nothing to lose but our pets. When we lose our freedom and are caged. When losing is difficult enough, we let others take care until they return. When we rather give away to a good home then lose. When not all of humanity has lost their mind, body and soul. When we lose, we search, not knowing when we will return. When we don't want lose, and need help. When we don't see whats coming and what it would cost us, we lose it all in the end. When we take something, and others lose, we have a whole set of problems coming to us. When we need more information to gain a better understanding of the truth. When others depend on us, we don't mind losing when it doesn't matter to them. When we haven't lost everything, we make good of what we have.When we can't afford to be seen or taken in, we need to waste somebody. When we are a natural loser, and lose our head and gain an enemy. When we protect what we can't afford to lose, when its a bigger gain then lost. When others don't seem to want to gain anything but friendship. When we lost more than we bargained for when we are lost and gone inside. When we lost our past lufe, and gained a totally whole new one in the process. When we are gradually losing and gaining, and not capitalizing along the way, but we 3rd up to be OK. When the world, country and city is at a loss. When we don't mind losing someone that left us at a loss, when we gained a whole new thing. When we are losing our heart along the way. When we are losing touch with the real world, we can't tell the difference. When not all is at a loss, when we gained back our car. When we are gaining back more then our life, but our freedom. When we lose quickly what we had, the upper hand. When we lose everything and our family. When there was no hope saving, when we are constantly losing. When all we did was put someone at a small lose, that cost everyone their life and sanity. When all is done, and we lost everyone, includingnourselves, we don't prepare for the long journey back, when there is no back to go to. We are alone, and a loss to mankind. When all we wanted to do is bar our losses, but we are confronted by the vary thing that reminds us of our losses. When we having been feeling the effects of loss, that is already unbearable that we take it out on the world.Visuals-3Directing- 4Music-3.5Level of Interest-3Complexity-3Acting-5Timing-5Twist & Turns-3* Storyline well done, lack of visuals, but acting was out standing. Lack of interest, twists and turns and complexity that the story lacks.

Corinna O (br) wrote: I thought it would be better.

Megan N (br) wrote: Only watched it because of Kevin zegers

Edgar C (ru) wrote: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9These two Bible quotations, in my humble opinion, encapsulate the entire statement of Ceylan's new thought-provoking and mysterious crime story, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Leaving the crime plot elements aside, which are just the engine of the story, the answers are left intentionally unclear, but the messages are not.First, appearances are deceiving, and the heart is an intrinsically evil mystery, even to ourselves. Our scope of things is incredibly limited, and in our attempts to rationalize events around us, past or present, we automatically leave emotions out of the equation, and emotions are the ones that normally function as puzzle solvers.Second, the youth of future generations are the ones that pay for the broken dishes of their parents. They have to pay the repercussions of evil deeds that they do not understand, because the troubles of adults invade their world, and that goes against natural order. Ceylan seems to suggest this with Cemile, a young woman whose beautiful and angelical appearance surrounded by light suddenly offers everything that is indispensable for the human body and soul: water, light and repentance. We are located inside this dark room, devoid of electricity and full of grown-up male characters of questionable morality and of unstable temper, until this slowly-walking angel appears with eyes of navet offering them what everybody seeks. All have the same defenseless reaction. Even if we are different, the human heart is the same. Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? Mark 4:21With a visual style that now resembles Kiarostami's free-flowing landscape frames more rather than Ceylan's previous minimalist and realism-oriented scope, here comes another Cannes triumph with enough imagery to leave the heart enchanted, the soul anxious and the mind putting pieces together hopelessly.97/100

Stephen C (fr) wrote: A little weird, but fantastic import!!

Tiffany M (au) wrote: Hands down, the funniest movie of the last decade. For a while I would take this movie with me wherever I went just in case someone hadn't seen it, and I think I improved the lives of many.

James H (kr) wrote: Sheer campy fun, wonderful and perceptive performances all around, but for me, Beth Camp stood out and she very richly developed her character. Hysterically funny at times, very well written. I never understood why the critics generally panned this one, I thought it was a funny breath of fresh air.

David B (fr) wrote: The only good thing about this film is Willian Defoe as the gisgrunted bomer, the rest is boring. The first film was what the title said, simply called "Speed" as it was exactly what the title meant, this horrible sequel is very slow, boring and tedious. It was a crime to class this as a sequel to the amazing first film, it might've got a little bit of respect it it was just called Cruise Control because there is no speed, just a boat going slightly first...and that's it. The action is poor and even the good bits are so-so. It's amazing that that this is directed by the same person who made the first film. The characters are annoying and have no heart to them and the film dumbed down to a wider audience that I suspect didn't really care about. It's a poor action thriller and to long for what it is. In fact if you watched the trailer, you've basically seen the film. It's a complete lack of story that explains why this expensive production from the proficient creator of Speed and Twister sputters out on the high seas. The thing is De Bont remains an expert director of action, but putting the reference to CRUISE control in the title serves as fair warning of an unengaged filmmaker on automatic pilot. Avoid at all costs. If they had to do a sequel, why not set it on a'd be a lot faster

Mark S (fr) wrote: Loved the intense drama and suspense created here.. Liotta Played the part perfectly!!

David L (jp) wrote: Many years ago, I was almost addicted to the first two Robocop films, hence I was sure I would have seen this completion of the trilogy. Somehow it has totally bypassed me though, yet I'm not a bit disappointed. Having waited all this time, it's not a patch on the other two, and the action, the stars, and the general storyline have all petered out into nothing. This is summed up by the fact that one of the main characters is killed off near the beginning, no doubt due to their realisation that the film is going to be crap. I believe it has tried to continue where the others left off but to be honest it's very difficult to follow what's going on. Whereas in the past films, the villains have been influential in the success of the movie, in this one they are weak, unmemorable and hardly portrayed throughout. The main stars have been drafted in from nowhere and other than the inclusion of Robocop himself, a neutral would not realise that this is actually a second sequel as opposed to an Independent action movie in its own right. It's basically scenes of poor acting, followed by lots of gunfire repeated throughout and it just gets boring. On this evidence, they should have stopped at two episodes, whilst it was still a successful 80's franchise. In reality though, I suspect like me, many people were not even aware of this ones existence due to its poor showing. I've never seen a review with such a poor critics rating (3%), but I'm not even sure it deserves that. Definitely not recommendable, even if you are a super fan of the series.

TTT C (ru) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down Funny at times but not as great as I was hoping. A near-miss.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: good crime caper flick

Emmanuel E (fr) wrote: I was surprised when I watched this film just recently. My Uncle said that it's a worthy film and when I've seen the whole movie, it's a really wonderful film. The gorgeous Sophia Loren is stunning and also Charlton Heston. El Cid is a remarkable film and it surpass other Hollywood movies in terms of technical and story. The story will inspire leaders and people of all generation. A must see!

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Being a heist movie means it has its moments but the overly plotted scenarios and lack of any real momentum mean that they're few and far between. Full review later.