From Beneath

From Beneath

Jason, is bit by a strange organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister's secluded farmhouse. The bite begins a transformation in Jason, and now the couple must race against time to figure out what happened to Sam's sister and her family, and what lies in store for them. All of these elements are tantamount to the ultimate fear addressed in the film, the fear of losing a loved one and worse, becoming a monster in their eyes.

On a vacation to the remote farmland of his girl-friend's sister, Jason is bit by a strange organism and begins to feel unwell. But when his realizes his body is gradually transformed, a more shocking reality is awaiting for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert I (ru) wrote: Truly awful in every way. The only thing watchable in this poor excuse of a horror film is Kate Mara who blew up after this film because even she's better than this dreck.

Aaron C (de) wrote: trite plot, but convincingly acted

Austin G (au) wrote: When Kevin James himself said this was one of his weirdest roles ever, you know it's not that great.

Jacob K (nl) wrote: I think the love story itself was kind of weak, and more chemistry was needed between characters. But the comedy was good, and the rest of the story and characters were great.

Diganta B (ca) wrote: ?????????????? ???????, ?????????? ???? ?????? ??, ???? ??????? ?????? ??????, ???????? ????? ?????? ????????? ????? ?? ????? ?????????? ???? ?????? ????? ??????? ???? ????????

Thomas K (br) wrote: Released the same year as Ranch Deluxe adapts his book and directs, which is the best decision he made. Warren Oates is wonderful, as usual.

Allan C (es) wrote: "Soylent Green" is more of a pre-apocalyptic film than a post-apocalyptic film. In the year 2020, New York City has a population larger than present day California. With overcrowding comes for, water and other shortages. Charlton Heston plays a police detective investigating the murder of the CEO of the world's main food supply. The mystery really isn't that good of a mystery and can be surmised by the audience pretty early on, which is a problem when it takes Heston until the end to figure out and makes his loud and iconic pronouncement. However, despite the film's lapses in story, the film more than makes up for it with a terrifically depressing and desperate atmosphere and setting, showing a great depiction of a city and world on the brink of collapse. Directed by Richard Fleischer, who was an old Hollywood director who reliably turned out smart entertainment (he even make some enjoyable films in disreputable genres later in his career with "Red Sonja" and "Amityville 3-D"). With director Fleischer, I've always thought he fell somewhere in-between journeyman and auteur. But the best part of the film is Edward G. Robinson in his final film role, giving a very warm and naturalistic performance, which is a nice contrast to Heston's usual stoic demeanor. (SPOILER ALTERT) In what is probably the best scene in the film, Robinson goes to a euthanasia facility to end his life. It's an incredibly moving performance that's made all the more moving by the fact Robinson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and knew he was dying. This scene was the final scene he shot for the film and Robinson died two weeks later. So although this is very much a flawed film, it is made worth watching by virtue of the rich setting and Robinson's final film performance.

Maxwell S (fr) wrote: One of the greatest films ever. Extremely fun, hilarious, inventive and continually perfect. My personal favorite of the M. Hulot films. It is absolutely gorgeous and brilliantly shot.

Jamie P (es) wrote: a crappy movie about a crappy van.