From Hell

From Hell

Frederick Abberline is an opium-huffing inspector from Scotland Yard who falls for one of Jack the Ripper's prostitute targets in this Hughes brothers adaption of a graphic novel that posits the Ripper's true identity.

The movie puts an intense urban spin on the horrific legend of Jack the Ripper and unravels a chilling alleged conspiracy involving the highest powers in England. It tells the story of a troubled clairvoyant police detective who investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles R (au) wrote: Unfortunately, for those of us who lived during the time that Robert Duran was boxing, the movie missed alot of fights that made him who he was. The political issues between the US and Panama had no bearing on Durans career or his issues with the US. The scene where a US military member shot at him is proposterus, this would of never happened and the miltary was not in the canal zone area, they were at their bases. The canal zone had their own police. Duran purchased a lion that he had at his house and on many ocasions when the leon escaped his house, you would see duran in flip flops running about trying to find him. Another thing, the director who is venezuela, wanted to put in his 2 cents with Venezuela written all over the cushions in the ring, how rediculous... I could of made a better movie..

Jeff S (us) wrote: Unfunny, meandering, unnecessary film that's a complete waste of time

Sean G (br) wrote: Anna Faris gets really high and super annoying. Despite that Smiley Face has a couple of layers as one would expect from Writer/Director Gregg Araki but its mild John Waters-ness doesn't make it much more fun to watch.

Private U (ca) wrote: This was not the greatest movie. But they used my house for the main character's apt. For serious! All my stuff too, kind of a low-budget film. Down to the coffee mug with my brother's face on it.

Nata C (de) wrote: Friendship, youth, ambitions, and the struggle in-between.

Greg W (ca) wrote: very funny comedy of mistaken identity

Adam R (it) wrote: A watchable but overpraised comedy. It's crude, annoying, and not very funny. The sports aspect makes it moderately enjoyable though. (First viewing - Late teen years)

Ahmed M (de) wrote: National Treasure is a good adventure movie, if you can put aside some horrible mistakes in the plot itself.

Randy Y (es) wrote: A good paced action flick with decent humor and plot. Arnold & Jamie Lee Curtis have good chemistry, and even Tom Arnold contributes to the film. Easy to watch.

Simon W (de) wrote: This is such a cool, cool movie. Generally speaking, movies like this shouldn't be any good. Mercs travelling to non-specific locations to wipe out the locals for whatever reason. What makes this one different, is that it actually has a really good script and a director who knows what he's doing.Even our band of Dirty Dozen style heroes work better than they should, because while they're not exactly three dimensional, what they are essentially, are well realized cliche's - and as such you care about them and believe in their individual motivations.Hell, even the cause that they end up fighting for feels worthy of our attention and sympathy.The action is also really good with enough variety to ensure that things never get stale - and to top it all off - Its got one of those fantastically horrible bad guys who you would like nothing more than to see get it in the most horrible way possible - (Like the one in Steven Seagal's best: 'Out for Justice') - a real sleazy, slimey - and oddly, bisexual creature - who is also very funny.And the movies finally is very, very satisfying.

Ihra L (de) wrote: Fem stjerner til Gary hullet og i bakken, men hvordan var det n med alle de andre?