From Justin to Kelly

From Justin to Kelly

A lonely, sexually repressed man. A depressed woman. A summer camp. On this fateful night, they will meet... and their hearts will become one.

College student Justin arrives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for spring break with his friends, and quickly crosses paths with waitress Kelly. Justin and Kelly soon come together through their shared love of singing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaitlyn B (au) wrote: This was very bizarre. And kinda messed up. The guy was crazy. You really didn't like him that much by the end of the movie. Very different from what I thought it was going to be about.

Michael C (nl) wrote: Terrific documentary about the first premium movie channel, which built a reputation for showing special and lesser known pictures, providing film viewers with a unique look at great overlooked flicks. The founder, Jerry Harvey, is focused on a bit, but the film primarily focuses on the various films shown on the channel, including Das Boot, Once Upon a Time in America, and 1900. Great film for fanatics of the craft.

Ari M (it) wrote: Pretty gay, but that's why I liked it.

Br B (gb) wrote: Vile, stupid and badly animated with weak voice work and a lousy soundtrack. On the bright side, there was a talking rock.

Corey W (ag) wrote: Jack Nicholson's performance makes learning about Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters more fun than you might expect.

Erno K (kr) wrote: Jeff Speakman and his Kenpo style was certainly a welcome addition to my martial arts collection (and by collection I mean the mental one, where I rank all the martial arts films I have seen in my head). Not only can he fight, but he can actually carry this kind of movie with his roguish charm. And those fucking sticks. The director is very capable, which in this day and age means that he uses slow cuts and wide angles. We can actually follow the choreography in this one. Very nice (in a Mourinho Special 1 TV voice). I will deduct half a star for one of the biggest error they always repeat in the genre. The final fight is extremely anticlimactic, and the hero is suddenly much less capable in that one scrap. Fucking annoying. That being said, there are very cool battle scenes throughout the movie. Just not the one that should be the most awesome. The pole vault scene is pretty embarrassing though.

Ill be in California in SIX WEEKS (gb) wrote: I love this movie so much. I use to have it but someone took it. I want to see it again. I havent seen it in 10 years

Jennifer K (mx) wrote: Fabulous feel good show. Would go again.

Syed R (us) wrote: It's a competent slasher film that needed a little bit more slashing. Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell were great, I wish we got more time between the two. Overall, it's pretty decent.