From Morn to Midnight

From Morn to Midnight

A Cashier in a bank in a small German town is alerted to the power of money by the visit of a rich Italian lady. He embezzles 60, 000 Marks and leaves for the capital city, where he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (ag) wrote: A Dawkins and Krauss road movie comprised of sound bites, location establishing shots, and travel footage, culminating in a collection of soundbites from other celebrities at the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. The cinematographer gets to play with selective focus a lot to keep shots of cities and conveyances interesting, but that only goes so far. There's a great deal too much padding and far too little talk for a movie featuring people who've become celebrities for sharing ideas.Coogan and Brydon's THE TRIP movies offered a much greater percentage of content.

Tuhin G (gb) wrote: This was really one of the worst movies I have reviewed and seen in a long time. The girl was useless most of the time, the fake accent sucked, the characters were pretty dumb about what they were dealing with. I can go on, but I'd rather not. There were a few moments that were amusing, but they were difficult to find. At least, they got the make-up right and the guys playing the zombies did a good job. It was not a worthy attempt at a "zom-com". One other thing that bothered me was how the movie sold screen time to act as an ad campaign for not doing all the stuff that can kill you. Don't bother wasting your time with this. Watched 06/10/2013, written 06/11/2013.

Tanvir M (it) wrote: Trashed by critics (most likely for some of the pretentious dialogues), but the story was something I could identify with. Starts off as a typical reunion type film with four friends coming together on one's birthday, but then takes dark and disturbing turns, and leaves quite an impact the way it ends.

WeeKiat L (us) wrote: Hmm, the beginning was really really good when they were in the opera house.However, as the story progressed, it became less intense and simmered into a sort of a "seriously? that's how you want to tell your story" idea.I won't say that this is the best movie, since it's the only professor layton movie. Well, maybe it'll be really good for you if you are a fun of this game.

James H (jp) wrote: This well meaning film can't overcome it's low budget and over sentimental direction. It fails to convince because of the sappy screenplay.

Paul C (br) wrote: I really enjoyed the story of this film. The movie was also filmed in a more art or poetic type way. The cast was pretty good for the film. Lou Doillon was a good side character with a warped mind. The main character is played by Virginie Ledoyen. She keeps in character the whole time and is interesting to watch. Now like I said, this movie has a very interesting story and was fun to watch. But the scare factor was a little off. There were a few scenes that got me, but as many as you would expect from this type of movie. Especially since the film had ghosts of children. The movie was originally called Saint Ange and later re-released as House Of Voices, which in my opnion was a poor new title. I like the old title because it tells you nothing about the film, just where it takes place.

Shawn W (de) wrote: Fraternity pledges attempt a daring hazing stunt of photgraphing a crazy priest in an asylum who killed seven frat boys 25 years ago. No one wants to talk about the events and you won't feel the need to tell others either after viewing.

Karsh D (es) wrote: After a slow start it does improve as the film goes on........but only slightly.

Mike W (br) wrote: This is a great story. Kenny Rogers pulls this off, though it is obvious that he is not a professional actor. The child actors, especially Hall and Lane, are great.

Simon D (fr) wrote: miserable dross, a story of a man who's wife dies edited by a drunk.

Adrian M (kr) wrote: God this movie was incredible. one of the best I've ever seen

Joseph H (br) wrote: Taken was one of the first thrillers I have seen on the big screen and boy was it a good start! Taken is a fun, thrilling, action packed and relentless!

Ilja S (br) wrote: It may be outdated and cheesy, but Conan the Barbarian remains a dark, griddy, and intriguing action flick, featuring a great cast, awesome set pieces, and it did the one thing they had to do: make Arnold kick ass and never talk.

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