From Noon Till Three

From Noon Till Three

Bank robber Graham Dorsey spends a few hours with beautiful widow Amanda Starbuck, in which time his gang takes part in a disastrous holdup. Learning of his comrades' demise, Dorsey goes on the lam. Believing her short-term lover was killed by the law, Amanda decides to make the most of having had a liaison with the supposedly deceased desperado by writing a book about him. Much to his confusion, the still-living Dorsey watches as his name becomes legendary.

On the way to commit a bank robbery a gang of outlaws call off at a remote house in order to steal a horse. The house is owned by Amanda, a beautiful young widow who catches the eye of gang... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo A (ca) wrote: Kristen Bell delivers a great performance despite a plain story with little laughs and little drama.

Monjit B (ca) wrote: Nice family entertainer!!!

Dot L (fr) wrote: The relationship between Blair and Clinton may have been special but the movie wasn't.

Matthew C (jp) wrote: Don't let the dark subject matter fool you. This adaptation of the bestselling book of the same name is less Anne Frank and more Jakob the Liar. Overly schmaltzy, filled with distracting, faux German accents, and staring a little girl whose performance largely forgoes realism in favor of Shirley Temple charm and cuteness. While not providing a subtle performance by any means, Geoffrey Rush is mostly responsible for this film's watchability. The WWII-era drama does, however, sport an instrumental score by John Williams. Can't go wrong there.

Deej R (de) wrote: 5th star for chuck lol

Master J (de) wrote: Very good for inspire and laugh

Guilherme J (es) wrote: A desinformao proposital de O Castelo absurdamente enervante.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: lol.. this is quite the movie :)

Lee C (nl) wrote: One amazing film :-)

Samuel B (es) wrote: Another good old Jack Lemmon movie, this one not as old as it was 1985. Also lots of good and interesting shots of Naples Italy, as that is where the movie takes place, and Lemmon is actually the only American in the entire film (co-stars Mastoianni) which makes it more interesting. The plot is kind of crazy, but I like the difference, it is refreshing somehow to watch a movie that doesn't follow a standard line, as long as it is still believable. Check this one out.

Vienna V (jp) wrote: The dinosaur sequences are joltingly out of place and clearly culled from an earlier film, but Joan gamely joins in the ludicrous plot with her usual professionalism and verve.

Tero H (es) wrote: What can I say? Christopher Lee is back in black, and couldn't get any meaner. Here the resurrected count is meaner and badder than ever before. I mean, seriously, his character here is very ominous and dangerous and menacing. His every look is murderous and all his acts are devilish. He is truly a personification of a demon. I would say that this is among the best vampire acts I've seen, but I think it would have been even better had he not uttered a single word, like he did in Dracula Prince of Darkness. I think it would have added even more style into his character.The beautiful ladies and the nice vistas of the european village in the 1800's were nice but somehow I had expected something deeper in this movie than pretty girls and nice sets. Anyway, I think that the film is among the better Dracula movies and definitely worth watching as the third Dracula film after The Horror of Dracula and Dracula Prince of Darkness. Theres some gore and scare but I think that this film works mostly around the anticipation of the evil of Dracula, and the changing of the priest into his servant. In a way the film has a wonderful sense of mixing the 50's and the 60's and the 70's together, but you can obviously see how the movie goes into the 70's in general in the way these characters act. What disturbed me a little was that the male character who was an atheist, made a sign of the cross in the end of the film. It was far out because he had been telling everyone all the film how atheistic he is.. And the incredible incidents like the blood of the priest going right at Draculas lips, as if by a miracle, and also the finishing scene where Dracula is killed. It is just too incredible to happen.. I think that there are some scenes we could do well without, but the film is saved by the ominous personality of Lee, who looks utterly dangerous and - quite frankly - deadly. So, this is indeed an excellent vampire movie which is worth watching if one is interested in vampire films, especially those by Hammer Studios.

Mike S (gb) wrote: A top notch early fifties movie, with Holden in career best, Oscar winning form.The film manages to balance light hearted moments with the serious elements, making it an easy watch, but this is no comedy. There is a very good story here about prisoner of war camps and life within them.The film does at times feel very dated, mainly due to some humour being too silly. And portions of the film feel like you're watching Hogans Heros (the film is often considered to be inspiration for the TV show, although I don't believe this was the case). But the film touches on the effects of war on those that fought it, and also on how hard being captive can be. The humorous behaviour from some characters is a shield against the reality of the situation.Whilst the German's are very cartoonish, even their behaviour is a mask for what is really going on, most notably, General Schulz, whom feels very clown like in the way he talks to the members of the barracks (much like Schulz from Hogans Heros). However, his behaviour is designed to throw off the troops about his real agenda.Writer/Director Billy Wilder was a master film maker and this is one of his best. He gets a great performance out of Holden, who didn't want to do the film, and keeps his character likeable throughout, despite not being a team player and having a number of unheroic character flaws. Whilst Sefton comes across as cold and opportunistic, such as betting on the lives of escapees and quickly pocketing the winnings when they are shot dead, we get a brief moment where Sefton gives just enough away to show that he is mortified at what has happened, before taking his winnings as a way of dealing with the situation. Sefton was best explained by a line he says in defence of himself: "The first week I was in this joint, somebody stole my Red Cross package, my blanket, and my left shoe. Well, since then I've wised up. This ain't no Salvation Army - this is everybody for himself, dog eat dog."

Hannah M (fr) wrote: A long production, but David Tennant is refreshingly *alive* as Hamlet. I've seen Shakespeare's lines droned, intoned, solemnly recited, or campy and over-the-top, but Tennant is wonderful in this role. The rest of the cast is adequate - Patrick Stewart is an acceptably treacherous Claudius, and Penny Downie is a wonderful Gertrude. Mariah Gale as Ophelia is by far the weakest of the actors, but she really has very little to do with the play, and it's well worth the watch to see Tennant's take on a very old character. Nicely done.

Nikolai H (gb) wrote: I thought it was incredibly suspenseful and pretty scary. Very creepy atmosphere leading into some real f****d up s**t. So what if it mashes together concepts from other movies? It does so successfully. Also strangely thought provoking in a cosmic horror vein.This is definitely more about utter madness/despair/psychological horror than, say, aliens, which I enjoyed because that's my thing. But if you're looking for something straightforward with scary space monsters, look elsewhere. Still has a good amount of violence and gore though.

Ninni S (nl) wrote: Liv ja Max, onko huipumpaa paria nhty?

Cronis M (ca) wrote: Teens beat each other up for tradition's sake and then decide not to.