From Pakse with Love

From Pakse with Love

Ray McDonald is a photographer who is down on his luck when he travels to Pakse in Southern Laos to take on an assignment as a wedding photographer. There he meets a beautiful Lao woman who becomes his inspiration to write a movie script about a Thai-Lao romance. In real life, however, the photographer has a slim chance to win the heart of the woman who may already have a boyfriend.

Ray McDonald is a photographer who is down on his luck when he travels to Pakse in Southern Laos to take on an assignment as a wedding photographer. There he meets a beautiful Lao woman who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lus Fernando B (gb) wrote: Ao lado de "Jogo de Cena", "As Canes" promove outro belssimo estudo da intrigante relao nutrida entre o homem e a arte. O documentrio, no caso, aborda, de certa maneira, o interessante paradoxo protagonizado pela Msica, a qual, curiosamente, proporciona aos seus ouvintes as chances de transcendncia e escape, ao mesmo tempo em que retoma, justamente, os aspectos mais marcantes e/ou melanclicos da vida de tais auditores - e simultneo ao estudo dessa catarse, tambm temos uma genuna ode subjetividade, haja vista o carter peculiar que cada entrevistado genuinamente atribui cano de sua vida. Entretanto, mesmo que nossas observaes no encontrem uma concluso mais definitiva, o compartilhamento dessas histrias, confisses e performances mantm-se como uma experincia extremamente gratificante, pois criamos, afinal, extremo carinho e camaradagem com essas pessoas at ento annimas e distantes - e tal Humanismo, alm de ser algo sempre delicioso de se presenciar, certamente o grande responsvel pelo poder da Arte.

Eric M (ru) wrote: Ip Man 1&2 on steroids is the best way to qualify this movie. Amazing Wushu (with a slight case of Jeet Kune Do..well a lot), intricate story line and as always a slight historical undertone of the Chinese Nation..Donnie is by far my best Martial Artist since Bruce Lee..he is taking it to a new level.

Adam L (ru) wrote: slow beginning, but just as ridiculous as Big Money Hustlas

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Lee's war pic is long and could've easily shaved an hour of running time while not disturbing the movies core narrative. Its lack of star power underwhelms.

Paul G (kr) wrote: Great writing and acting and a cool cast. Kudos!!!

Clayton R (au) wrote: Innocent and enjoyable, but lacking capacity. The crew try to fool us by replacing the seal with a more dextrously trainable sea-lion and like most true stories, jokes rely on the myschief of the character the themes which are really mild are over-blown. However, there's enough childrens heart, humour, important morals and unexpected level of visual stimuli to make it a worthwhile watch for families.

Adrian Z (br) wrote: Ron Howard does a solid job directing this, and the film does look very pretty, even if some of the special effects have become dated. However, George Lucas' story, on which it is based, is hugely derivative of everything from Tolkien to Disney, and it completely bungles the love story subplot between Kilmer and Whalley's character. In it, Willow (Davis, who is rather good) is a village dwarf with aspirations to become a great sorcerer, entrusted with protecting a baby prophesied to be the future "good" queen, while the evil queen's forces are in pursuit. Along the way he's helped by a rogue swordsman (Kilmer, in an entertaining performance) and two lilliputian warriors, surely intended as comic relief, but who quickly become more annoying than amusing.

Harri K (br) wrote: Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like if Indiana Jones was dumb and had a black sidekick? Don't.

Steve S (fr) wrote: This is not a terrible movie, The Incredible Hulk was just slightly better. 3 out of 5 is a very fair rating.

Miranda Z (au) wrote: This is even more enjoyable than its predecessor - although that's not saying much. Somehow, it's just a lot easier to just go along for the ride with Think Like a Man Too.

Aaron M (au) wrote: We're the Millers is outrageous fun and I thought it was hilarious. Its a light but enjoyable comedy. The jokes are cheap but fast and witty. The cast is fantastic and is utilised to full effect, huge mention for the BAFTA winning rising star Will Poulter who makes the majority of the movie funny. The plot is run of the mill but it doesn't take itself seriously and is the type of movie you can watch over. There are some memorable moments of comedy genius which tickle. It is goofy, lame and run of the mill but the cast is refreshing and with some solid gags and relentless pace, its incredibly enjoyable.

Ash D (ca) wrote: Pretty much noir in a nutshell.