From the Rough

From the Rough

The coach of a women's swim team parlays her success into an opportunity to build her school's men's golf team.

Dr. Catana Starks makes history as the first woman and the first African American woman to coach a men's college golf team and subsequently guides her misfit players to an all-time-record championship season. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott A (br) wrote: Relishes in it's ridiculousness. A super fun and loud action flick.

Lee B (br) wrote: This movie is deep, meaning it goes real deep into the case itself. The doc revolves around the case and has a interview with the victim. It is great in giving us the information about this, but it really just dwells on parts of it that could have probably been breezed over. And includes stuff that doesn't need to be there - like something bearing a resemblance to unedited footage of a reported signing on, saying where he is and signing off. There are too many asides. And when it start to dissect Polanski, it is a little late.However, the interviews are what save this doc. Great interviews and insights from key people in the case. And what can I say, I was trying to be timely with the viewing.

Duff W (de) wrote: Great book rendered into a really good film.

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Jose M (jp) wrote: A masterful film that plumbs the depths a one tortured soul's madness, brought on by the abuse suffered at the hands of his father. Nick Nolte and James Coburn give some of the most indellible performances in recent memory; Nolte in particular was flagrantly snubbed of an Oscar for his work on this film, it is one of the most haunting, heartbreakingly tragic portrayals I've seen, and immediately comes to mind when I think of great performances. He is a man tortured by the spectre of his father, and who has internalized the scorn and the malice within himself. This movie is his descent into madness. Watch it, and be stricken by the performances. This is the most underrated movie of the late 90s.

WS W (it) wrote: A coming-of-age story from Sweden. I guess I would like it more if I had watched it decades back.

Graham D (kr) wrote: "I'm gonna take you to the bank senator Trent... the blood bank" LMFAO!!!

Joey T (mx) wrote: I watched this because I wanted to see a few more Meg Foster movies before I meet her at a convention. This barely has her in it but the movie turned out to be great! I'm glad I checked it out!

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Rachel J (gb) wrote: oh, the sixties... you are so weird.

Calib M (es) wrote: Witness for the Prosecution is my type of courtroom drama.Often people are mistaken to think that this movie is directed by Alfred Hitchcock (It is directed by Billy Wilder) because of how immensely thrilling this movie is, it is a courtroom drama about a man supposedly having killed an older acquaintance.This movie unfolds perfectly continuously surprising audience members with new info on the trial. Even if people dont like watching ''old'' movies or let alone courtroom dramas, watch this film because of Charles Laughton's powerhouse performance, he is the apex of an incredibly tall and strong mountain of memorable and phenomenal performances.Witness for the Prosecution might be Wilder's best film. (and he made a whole bunch of true masterpieces, e.g, Sunset Blvd. Double Indemnity and Some Like it Hot)

Emmanuel S (ru) wrote: Watch 'European Vacation' with a flute glass of American champagne.

Jerry D (ca) wrote: Boring and awfully paced.

Dylan W (us) wrote: His best movie I've seen. This movie is one of the all time greats.