From the Shadows

From the Shadows

A young woman is kidnapped by a stalker and used as a human lab rat.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young woman is kidnapped by a stalker and used as a human lab rat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


From the Shadows torrent reviews

Greg W (ag) wrote: just ok another look at life during wartime

Jaeyoung L (fr) wrote: rich and poor childrens in private school in Chile, sad story but touching

Ian C (br) wrote: The best British film of the 00s. A cracking cast Lennie James, John Simms, Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson, but stand out performances from me came from Paddy Considine as Rob Gretton, Danny Cunningham as Shaun Ryder, Peter Kay as Don Tonay and Gollum as Martin Hannet. Unlike Sam Riley in 'Control' Sean Harris looks nothing like Ian Curtis, but he does pull of his stage presence. Love the recording of 'She's Lost Control', the methadone and the airport scene, the Happy Mondays tour bus and Don Tonay and Wilson in the mobile knocking shop "Put that on your TV show".

Jens N (de) wrote: An emotional knockout punch, particularly aided by the exquisite cast, down to the last extra.

Rasheed T (us) wrote: Young Martin Lawrence is fresh and funny in this one! I'd absolutely loved his performance in this police action flick!

Erin M (au) wrote: Sweet, sad, funny and very real! One of my favorite teen love stories!

Stacey D (mx) wrote: A bland, rather silly plot padded out with boring action scenes. Not my cup of chai - even the presence of Malcolm McDowell wasn't enough to redeem this movie for me.

Les E (ag) wrote: Super, simple story. Cooper is the only character worth talking about but he was wonderful. Comedies of that era are so far from those of today that they no longer raise a smile so they have to rely on the script and this one just holds its own.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: I love Martin Lawrence in this movie. He is amazing in this role.

Jaidyn P (au) wrote: Aside from some nice musical moments. Song One is dull, with not much going on, and Anne Hathaway's performance just screams "I want another Oscar!" You'd be better off watching 2011's The Descendants.