Frontier of the Dawn

Frontier of the Dawn

A celebrity is caught by her husband with a young lover. She ends the relationship, but slowly goes insane and kills herself.

A celebrity is caught by her husband with a young lover. She ends the relationship, but slowly goes insane and kills herself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Frontier of the Dawn torrent reviews

Juliano K (ag) wrote: A very surprising movie!! very good indeed

Afonso N (au) wrote: the patience one needs to see this film is a low price for a special journey full of mysticism and deep feelings.

Heath Q (nl) wrote: The first ten minutes are total joke, a hilarious skewering of both sides of the Desi-US divide. The film falls off into standard story after that. The film could have offered more consistent hammering humor, and powerfully lyrical relationship, musical and dance scenes, but loss of directorial and writing focus killed the possibilities. Filmed entirely indoors, in muddy tones, with flat angles and little texture or depth, the visuals aren't enough to take the movie to another level. There was a lot of potential here. If the direction and writing had been better focused, if the cinematography had been able to escape its low-budget box, this would have been a great film. I kept hoping it would come back and hit the highs of its first ten minutes, but it never did. Even so, for the fun of seeing the villainness lose, for the pure enjoyment of the beautiful voices and songs, and for keeping a viewer's hope for more constantly whetted, this movie is worth a watch.

Timothy N (de) wrote: If Alien took place on a dairy farm.

Nick B (mx) wrote: I upped the star rating when I was still thinking about the ending a few days later. It captures a certain time in ones life pretty well. (Mind you, it's a low budget indie - more like a trial run...)

Rob T (jp) wrote: Mostly awful but not absolutely diabolical... found it strangely entertaining in places in spite of its terribleness.

Nusret K (au) wrote: 3.5-4 yildiz arasi.Kaliteli bir gercek yasam oykusu uyarlamasi Silmido. Herbiri ayri suclardan olum cezasina carptirilmis bir grup adamin bir adada toplanarak , Kuzey Kore baskanina yapilmasi planlanan bir suikast girisiminde kullanilmasi icin egitim gormeleri ve bu esnada yasanan dusmanliklar , dostluklar , politik elestiriler ve kahramanlik iyi bir sekilde islenmis. Onlar zaten idam sehpasina cikmis ve olumu kabullenmislerdi fakat onlara yeni bir hedef ve yeni bir hayat icin umut verilmisti. Olumu yasayan ve korkusunu iliklerine kadar tadan bir insan icin bu yeni hayati elde etmeye hicbir engel ve korku kalmayacaktir. Iste bunu iyi bir dille anlatan bu Guney Kore filmi bu tarz Hollywood filmlerini hic aratmayacak kalite ve oyunculukla basarili bir yapim. Ordu ve kahramanlik turundeki filmlerden hoslananlar ve insan hayatinin politik oyunlar icerisindeki degersizligini gormek isteyenler icin izlenmesi gereken bir film.

Grifter (br) wrote: Ryan Reynolds was very good!! The movie was quite endearing!!

Chris D (br) wrote: Damn this movie lumber's along far as inventing goes, its story is still in the planning stages and has no hope for a's a must miss.

Ramona P (au) wrote: This is based on the original story of King of Denmark (Hamlet), is intresting to compare the story of Shakespeare to this while watching. The acting is pretty good, especially Ch. Bale. The low budget really shows and is a disadvantage.

Matthew D (br) wrote: The central mystery may fit the Scooby-Doo school of obvious, but this telling of Batman's origin with an extra twist from his indecisiveness in starting his mission, and how it eventually added to his drive, is powerful stuff. The atmosphere surrounding the antagonist and the way the odds are continually stacked against our hero are also impressive, but all this is sadly let down by an underwhelming climax.

Adam D (gb) wrote: Can't be all that bad

Shaun B (de) wrote: Good film with great performances by Woods & Downey.

Marquis S (de) wrote: Great movie, Spike in his prime!

Scott O (au) wrote: Great Movie Inspired me

Daniel C (ca) wrote: This should not be an animated classic.

Jordan P (au) wrote: It boasts a few modern twists and impressive special effects, but this third-take Carrie mainly offers a scene-by-scene carbon copy of the original that fails to wring many fresh ideas out of its dated source material, paying short shrift to character development and turning in bland performances in service of redundancy and anachronisms.