Social misfit and self-labeled "troll from under the bridge" Keith Sontag (Dore Mann) lives a sad and lonely existence in this disturbing black comedy -- an Independent Spirit Award nominee -- from director Ronald Bronstein. When he's not trying to sell coupons door-to-door, Keith struggles with evicting his roommate from their seedy apartment, helping a friend who's suicidal and just getting by as an outsider in the cruel city.

About a door-to-door coupon salesman who eats popcorn & eggs off the folded-out-door of his kitchen oven. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Silvestre S (gb) wrote: A non-disappointing sequel that gives enough horror,suspense,background knowledge,and foreshadowing as any other classic horror movie with creepiness from beginning to the end resulting in a flawless flick with a two great antagonists.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Though fun in the moment to moment, the film ultimately rings a bit hollow; in the early films, Balaguera and Plaza built such a rich, mystifying mythology fusing science and religion, so to see it culminate in such a rote, clinical fashion feels anticlimactic.

Alec B (mx) wrote: very interesting film that shows the changing of American society during the civil rights movement and also the generational differences in culture

Celeste M (us) wrote: Such an awesome and funny movie!!!!!!!

Pam R (jp) wrote: very good actually. it wasn't what i expected in a good way.

Robyn M (ca) wrote: Pumpkin, a mix of drama, comedy and romance flaw with the not so good screenplay written by Adam Broder. Is really sad see that Pumpkin is not a fresh movie.Christina Ricci was definitely a good choice to put in the main role, but this movie was too freaking long for such stilted dialogue. I felt like I was in a Wes Anderson movie without the talent. And usually I am the one supporting this kind of teen satire.

Jonathan L (ru) wrote: A magical, highly underrated and unique cult German supernatural horror fantasy drama modern fairy tale that is one of my favorite movies of all time since Junior High in the 90's. I saw this movie when i was 5 in 1986 in a theater in St. Louis and it scared the bejesus out of me even with that scary little bastard of a dummy. It's influenced by the movies of George Lucas with a bit of the stories of The Grimms Brothers and The Twilight Zone TV show as i always believe this is Roland Emmerich's best movie. The story is about a 9 year old boy named Joey Collins played nicely by Joshua Morrell, he loves movies like Star Wars and E.T. as he has a big collection of the movie merchandise in his room and his dad just kicked the bucket. He lives in Virgina Beach City with his mother now in the suburbs near the beach, one night he gains telekinetic and psychic powers that enables him to make his toys including Star Wars figures come to life and even communicate with his dead dad on a toy Phone. However he becomes unpopular at school for the kids thinks he's crazy, one day he finds a creepy ventriloquist dummy in a old abandoned mansion that belong to a magician. He takes it home with him only to find it that is it possessed by a demon with powers like Joey's only stronger as it terrorizes the boy and threatens his mother, friends, enemies, teacher and city with demons from another dimension as the boy must end the madness.It's a dark and not-too-sugar-coated modern fable with a nice edge of creepiness and some emotion with suprisingly good acting from Joshua Morrell and Eva Kryll. The dummy is the scariest one to hit the screen since Fats from Magic, it nicely uses some movie references in a playful non-spirited and non-sarcastic kind of way as this movie is really about the imagination of a 9 year old boy who dreams of living in his favorite movies like Star Wars and E.T. yet it brings out the child in anyone who had that same idea as a child to live out their favorite movies.The film is also about learning how to cope with death and learning about it and of course the power of the heart, it offers good lessons about life as well and i think it's far better then Emmerich's hollywood stuff.A must see even on Youtube!

Scott C (fr) wrote: Surprisingly not terrible update of Dracula. The cast is terrific...Christopher Plummer, Gerard Butler, Jonny Lee Miller and Jennifer Esposito.

Rodney M (jp) wrote: I need this movie added t my selection

Amelia P (gb) wrote: I watched this along with the other cast members because we were in a stage production of this film. The filming was horribly done.

Millo T (nl) wrote: Fritz Lang offers all the good rules of the management of a film noir that he domains: masterwork photography, good actors, a well-developed atmosphere because of the work of music and cinematographic resources... However, the story suffers from predictability and a little simplicity (sometimes, also, it is not too subtle), and Edward G. Robinson doesn't finally fit in a much less smarter character compared to the ones he is used to. So, the movie can be dull, mainly in the first part, but you can find some interest if you look at the external part of it, more than the content. I have always considered the end a little tricky, but maybe for its time was quite a surprise.

Brett B (jp) wrote: Bad news all around.

George R (es) wrote: Could've been a lot better. The script was good & definitely had potential, but the major problem was how boringlyexecuted it was, unatmospheric, & the delivery of the acting felt completely staged. It just feels like a budgeted (and it shows) basic cable movie. I give most credit to the lead actresses for at least trying, & part of the story does showcase what they really had to go through for them to do what they had to do, but ultimately it just fell flat.

Daphne M (ag) wrote: actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Loved that it was straight and to the point.