Young princess Anna of Arendelle dreams about finding true love at her sister Elsa’s coronation. Fate takes her on a dangerous journey in an attempt to end the eternal winter that has fallen over the kingdom. She's accompanied by ice delivery man Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and snowman Olaf. On an adventure where she will find out what friendship, courage, family, and true love really means.

The optimistic and courageous princess Anna with the rural guy Kristoff and a funny snowman named Olaf is their companion join a journey in cold weather condition as Everest to find Elsa, Annas sister, who have the freezing capability did the kingdom be trapped in eternal winter… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian B (jp) wrote: Jean Claude Van Damme stars in this story about rival assassins who are pitted against one another but decide that they are being framed for the same notion and instead team up to bring the person behind it all down

James D (it) wrote: 24 hrs in the life of a small town drug dealer, this is an excellent British production, filmed entirely on location in picturesque (ahem) Borehamwood. Some really black comedic moments keep the film from getting too heavy, which is a smart move. Partly inspired by real life characters and moments from writer/director Eran Creevy's life, 'Shifty' is well worth a watch.

Edward C (fr) wrote: Ooo! A remake! I LOVED the original Witch Mountain movies when I was a kid.

Thomas W (ru) wrote: Before she becomes world known as the new Lisbeth Salander, Rooney Mara's first theatrical film role was in this small, independent drama. The film, Dream Boy, isn't that good. It has a wide array of themes it tries to deal with -- teen love, incest, religion, homosexuality, underage sex, abuse -- and it is too burdened by the sheer number that it is trying to tackle that is isn't overly successful as a film. The dialogue is horrible ("I'm good at math" or "I'm not so good at English") and eye roll worthy and it makes the film feel like a chore. There are plot problems here and there and some of it is downright unbelievable -- a senior at the local high school drives his OWN schoolbus to school every day (rrrright). Mara (The Social Network, the American-version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) has LITTLE to do here other than hold her "boyfriend's" hand and kiss -- the role isn't much. The movie forces all of these issues upon its viewer and this keeps it from being effective. The glaring crucifix on the wall (in such an unlikely place) is so obviously in view that it is apparent the director wanted it to be a part of the scene(s). The film is forced and generic and Mara isn't enough of a draw for this one as she is hardly in it. Ugh -- skip it!

Bill B (au) wrote: A thoroughly charming coming of age story set against the backdrop of a group of girls learning a Japanese pop song for a talent show. They select a a Korean girl who barely speaks Japanese, much less knows how to sing it and thus begins the slow bonding/getting to know you stage of their friendships, which makes for some amusing and touching moments.Well worth a look, recommended, especially for fans of foreign cinema.

Tequealla S (gb) wrote: Mad Crazy!!! Its where i grew up

Aaron (ca) wrote: Love this movie! It is awesome!

Michael R (br) wrote: Renegade carnival invades a town, entities feed on envy, sorrows, despair and regret. Yes that is how they do it, and we are all too willing to give it to them. Blame lies only within. I love how the movie, the author and filmmakers give the antidote: positivity defeats this evil hall of mirrors. The movie has truth and wisdom and like many such things, isn't remembered for it. Early score by James Horner is brilliant.

Bewitched M (br) wrote: 1.(Toyo-o) "Toyo-o, the third child, was a handsome youth with a predilection for learning and cultural pursuits"How can Will Ferrell play my character? Turning my character from an intellectual being, to an array of comedy is just pathetic. First of all, I'm way better looking than Mr. Ferrell. Secondly, what makes anyone think they can reenact my real life struggles into a movie. I have struggled my whole life to find satisfaction. The comedic tone is very hurtful and upsetting.

Ills G (us) wrote: Computer generated backgrounds combinated with fine cinematography, interesting choise of location (South Africa) for a High Plains Drifter remake and unnecessary historical context. But the performances makes it enjoyable and exciting.

RAJA R (mx) wrote: would like to rent it online. where can i get it? thanks

Jay B (us) wrote: Funny enough. It does feel like some of the comedic set ups aren't taken advantage of fully, but Fletch Lives does bring the laughs pretty frequently. It's not a huge hilarious spectacle like we're used to now, but more of a one-liners paradise.

Josh P (nl) wrote: There is no good decision on how to like or hate a low-budget TV film with cheesy computer effects, hilarious dialogue, and millions of viewers. I can see it has been inspired by a lot of monster movies ever made. It is set in the same world of the 2013 B-horror movie that started it all, Sharknado. The hero nobody expected to see in this low-budget franchise film is all-time star Steve Guttenberg and a couple of other co-stars from the mid-80's film, Police Academy. The story starts with Guttenberg playing fictional 1990s action movie hero, Colton West, wrapping himself up due to the fact he is doing new acting changes for a high-budget production. One of them were adding bugs in the film and West hates bugs. His director and producer delivers a hilarious line, "Funny you should say that because you're already in a bug movie right now.", which is what TV audiences would be aware of. Once a volcano in Los Angeles erupts and giant fire-breahing spiders rage on highways, West tries to alert the city citizens. During one of the attack sequences, a guest appears as a brief cameo, Ian Ziering as Fin Sheppard from the Sharknado trilogy. West asks for his help after meeting him but Sheppard made his peace by saying, "I love to help you, but I got shark problems right now." Audiences watching this all the way through would think of it as both a comedy and horror.