Frozen Kiss

Frozen Kiss

Because this movie was based on a true story, it's especially poignant. The snowy mountain setting is beautiful and yet dangerous to kids on hallucinogenic drugs. Mimi Rogers is so believable and yet such a complex character. You ought to dislike her for her selfishness as a mother, and yet you emphasize and care about her too. The young leads are so intense in their emotions, and you identify with them so that the suspense builds. The party going kids change into menacing threats as they chase the young lovers in the extreme coldness of the night.

Based on true events, Shelley and Ryan are two young lovers who get stranded during a raging blizzard. With the authorities unable to locate them they must fight for survival from both the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajat P (ca) wrote: Only for Dipannita Sharma!

Alec R (fr) wrote: Dressed as sci-fi, but really it's 3 chick flicks combined into one storyline, creating a "where the sum is lesser than the parts" type effect.

Bobby G (it) wrote: It's a wonderful movie

Natalie J (ag) wrote: Best movie in the whole entire world.

Andy C (it) wrote: It's a little hard to judge because I (legally) downloaded a copy from, I think, the National Film Archive site? Eh, some site that has all sorts of public domain stuff available. My point is the quality of the file was rather poor, but from what I could see and hear, it was amateur actors extolling drilling for oil. Not bad, but kind of weird.

Daniel W (es) wrote: This was a decent movie. I knew it would be a cheesy horror film, but sometimes they are decent. This is one of those films! The ending sucks a little but maybe a sequel will come out to give the answers. They were clearly not playing the"made you look game" as some web searches suggest. The rules he played by were totally different.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Little Fockers is a funny and great movie. However, this movie is not better than the first two Meet the Parents movies. Still, this movie is just the like the first two Meet the Parents movies. Their are still tons of laughs and it is heartwarming. I would suggest this movie.