Frozen Stiff

Frozen Stiff

The basic plot revolves around drug dealer Limeni (Tin Man) who is said to have no heart, and two men, Lemi and Kiza, who are trying to transport their dead grandfather for burial, until their car breaks down and they end up struggling to get him home onboard a train. This is when these two plots intersect and all hell breaks loose.

Lemi and Kiza are two brothers who have to bring their dead grandfather from Belgrade to Vrsac, and having spent all their money, they decide to smuggle the body by train. They dress the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vamsi K (ag) wrote: awesome movie...nagarjuna acting and slang is brilliant...saw it 20 times

Mary S (mx) wrote: I strongly advise everyone to not watch this film. From the acting to the weak plot, this film is truly abysmal. The camera work also made this film painful to watch, as I felt I needed to see more. If you like unbelievable characters and an ending that brings no conclusion; I recommend this film for you. I feel angry at anyone associated with the making of this film.

Charles C (au) wrote: It's amazing that so much feeling can be provoked from such a simply animated film. Idiots and Angels is simply brilliant. With no spoken dialogue and very rudimentary animation, we get a surprisingly entertaining and haunting moral tale about the nature of humanity and our capacity for altruism and cruelty. The music and minimalist settings create a memorable experience. I feel like this is one of those movies that people may be able to find their own moral lesson from, and definitely should be seen by lovers of the unconventional and deep.

Steve M (de) wrote: much better than the majority of reviews suggest. and those who think training day is better have something wrong upstairs

Honor M (br) wrote: I would give it a shot

Andrew L (us) wrote: Crap, bullshit. Stephen Sommers is the worst kind of director: does nothing for a few years as he lives off the earnings of his last project, then out of the blue produces a hugely successful but god-awful flick, only to disappear again having racked in his millions. He's not a film-maker, he's a film-raper. The poor character use and terrible acting completely suffocate this film from start to finish.

steven d (it) wrote: This was an enjoyable and entertaining movie. It was actually realistic unlike many revenge movies that are out there. This movie makes you hate paparazzi and how much pieces of trash and annoying bastards that they are. Slot of celeb cameos which was sort of wierd but just added to the movie. Overall I do reccommend it as it was definitely worth watching.

Jos M (ru) wrote: Excepcionales Emily Watson y Stellan Skarsgard al mando de Von Trier.

James H (it) wrote: Amicable college football comedy, nothing great but it is fun and enjoyable to watch, and it has a great cast. Decent writing, but it is pretty routine. Nicely directed. Amusing.

Kyle G (gb) wrote: This movie is very messy and atonal. Nicholas Winding Refn goes full-throttle with stylization and leaves any semblance of a story in the dust. Why, what a shock! Bronson is kooky but violent, and he's hurting people to a classical music score! Most unorthodox! Seen it all before in Clockwork Orange.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Young cop is recruited to police aliens in this sci-fi comedy adaptation. Although entertaining in brief moments, the plot seems pedestrian and the direction feels sloppy and at times, forced.

Jenn L (mx) wrote: A fresh new movie about a boy and his family of trolls which I thought was the cutest. And his love for them.

ToyahKate M (fr) wrote: Gross in parts, but absolutely hilarious!