Fruit of Paradise

Fruit of Paradise

The story is an allegory of Adam and Eve, in a modern (made in the '60s) Health Retreat. The action involves our hero wandering the grounds where she becomes obsessed with a mysterious man in red, who may or may not be a killer.

An experimental retelling of the story of Adam and Eve which then progresses into an allegorical depiction of loss of innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (au) wrote: una delas peliculas mas interesantes y comicas y aleccionadoras que he visto me gusto mucho

Faisal M (jp) wrote: i was expecting this to be a comedy movie but was wrong. this is a very sensitive and an emotional movie. this movie is about a 37 year old guy who finds out that he has 3 months to live cause he has stomach cancer and then he makes a wish list of things he wants to do before dying (reminded me of bucket list, but this was much better). great acting by the uunder rated actor vinay pathak. the whole movie was depended upon him and he proved that he can carry off a movie (like he did for bheja fry) alone. dunno y this movie BOMBED at the box office. anywyas a really good emotional movie!

Asad R (gb) wrote: The movie was absolutely atrocious to watch and a total waste of time. I am so disappointed at the money wasted on this movie. If the budget was allocated to Wenger he probably would have ended up buying two or three African kids for the future

Lucy P (au) wrote: awesome a good family movie for all agess and i mean all i lov it there comeing out with a 5 so theres tinker bell and the great fairie restu and secrit of the wings and then theres quest for the queen and that one looks umm well u will just jave to see for your self its awesome so fair it looks like one of the best oh and lol all the comenters r older people like in there 20s not makeing fun of any one not take this in a bad whay just saying i fell like im the only kid

Official D (br) wrote: The Incredible Hulk is one of those movies where you just watch the film in order to kill some time.

bill s (es) wrote: Great cast but a bewilderingly confusing movie that loses the audience rather quickly.

Bentley L (br) wrote: Parents, if you ever see this on the shelf of a video store, don't let the cute little dog wearing shoes fool you. Fluke is a very heavy dog movie. And by heavy, I mean by the film's themes. Here's a brief synopsis: Fluke is a dog who was once a human. After dying in a horrific car accident, he re-incarnates as a dog and goes on a journey to find his wife and kid who he left behind. Sounds dark? I know. Who knew that a movie about a dog can be a real tearjerker? Fluke is either going to make you cry or make your heart like a 10-ton safe. This is not a movie for the toddlers. Watch this movie if you have kids who are 7 and over. DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH VERY SENSITIVE KIDS!!! It might be pretty hard to see this at the video store. If your a Netflix member, definetly add this to your queue. When you do, I hope you enjoy it. Fluke only grossed $5 million upon its release and was badly received by critics upon its release. But with mostly positive reviews by the Rotten Tomatoes community and a 60% fresh rating, I have a feeling that Fluke might have become a cult classic. "We can keep each other warm."

Reece L (nl) wrote: Ridiculous (and ridiculously funny), "The Brady Bunch Movie" is a witty and surreal satire of false sentimentality that consistently works.

Tim N (us) wrote: this is my fave of the lot.

gary t (ca) wrote: wow....sad.....amazing....brilliant....i have just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a great movie 2 is such a powerful movie 2 watch......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie.....i think that Danielle von Zerneck, Elizabeth Pea, Rosanna de Soto, Esai Morales, Lou Diamond Phillips, play good roles/parts throughout this movie.....i think that the director of this musical/performing arts/drama movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......i think that this is such a really really sad movie 2 watch, but it is such a fantastic movie 2 watch......its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie.....YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE AS SOMETHING HAPPENES AT THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE.....Also featured are several members of the Valenzuela family and director Luis Valdez's family, including:Concepcion Valenzuela (the real Connie Valenzuela, Ritchie's mother) as the older woman sitting next to Ritchie at a partyDaniel Valdez (Luis' brother) as Ritchie's Uncle Lelo,i think that both Lou Diamond Phillips as Ritchie Valens,Esai Morales as Roberto "Bob" Morales (Ritchie's half-brother), were absolutley brilliant throughout this movie in the lead roles throughout this movie.....i think that this is such a really reallly powerful drama movie 2 watch it is such a sad movie 2 watch......i think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch it is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch with a great cast throughout this movie.....The producers used the following taglines to market the film:Born to poverty. Destined for stardom. He Lived the American Dream.Talent made him a star, Fate made him a legend. The true story of Ritchie Valensman this is such a really really sad movie 2 watch but this is such a brilliant movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie it is such a brilliant movie 2 watch......

Daniel C (gb) wrote: A bit all over the place (as expected), but still relatively well-crafted.

Rick M (jp) wrote: This one stinks like Pepe LePew,,,awful.

Jamie F (de) wrote: Utterly fascinating and interesting documentary. I'd put it right up there with Pumping Iron 1&2, though obviously with a much more modern slant.

Thommy A (it) wrote: OMG! I thought happy and kind but really real, killing, two cubs will be dead, the king will be dead, and only one Mom and the last cub will survive. :(

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