Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine


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Fruit of the Vine torrent reviews

Kevin F (fr) wrote: Is Poor Scary in some parts but its not a good one... =/

Justin H (fr) wrote: amazing this is one fun, beautiful movie that i could watch again and again. the animation is something else in this film one the get reason why 2d is still so great and beautiful.

Alanis G (de) wrote: Boring and predictable tours the end.

Hank B (br) wrote: Thank god it had Ryan Reynolds.

Belal S (gb) wrote: always so funny, however I watched it many many times

miss nika (es) wrote: this is one of my favorite movies. i haven't seen it in forever but my sister and i always catch ouselves quoting it.Bette Midler is one of my favorites!

TonyPolito (de) wrote: Grandpa Kotch (Matthau) may be widowed and old, but he's plenty young in mind, body and spirit. The only problem is that his family members (and everyone else) are too involved in their own lives to take much interest in knowing someone who's - well, old. So Matthau spends his days having his chattiness and compassion ignored. When daughter-in-law nudges Matthau out of the guest room and into a 'retirement village,' Matthau instead slips away, Greyhounding up the coast to British Columbia, dropping postcards back home to his baby grandchild. Matthau eventually stumbles into the life of a pregnant, unwed teenager (Winters), who's been shuffled away to another town, cast off in shame by everyone, to give birth alone. It was an all-too-common, now all-but-forgotten, practice. Matthau sure knows how it feels to be shuffled away by loved ones - so he ever-so-gently takes Winters under his wing. In so doing, he slowly forges for himself a new life where some are pleased to call him friend. Heartwarming, quaint, poignant are fair adjectives regarding Matthau's delivery, sometimes almost saccharine. Think Hallmark. Matthau's life-long career pal Jack Lemmon directs; the film plays so gentle since this project's really all about Lemmon showcasing his dear friend's talent with respect, love and admiration, as a gift from one true friend to another. There's a lovely reoccurring idee fixe called "Life Is What You Make It" from the keyboard of Marvin Hamlisch which, somehow, has been as passed over by time as this film. Straight out of the early 1970s and it shows; this has to be the last time in the history of cinema where a film portrays a doctor making a house call. Twice. RECOMMENDATION: A warm tribute to the talent that was Matthau. Enjoy.

Morgan W (fr) wrote: really good. i liked it and the twist ending.

teddy w (fr) wrote: like the 2nd one more

Kyle G (br) wrote: A very clever and hilarious film I saw again in Irish Lit. The film is so packed with humor it very much like a black comedy. A-lister mains Colin Farrell Brendan Gleeson do an excellent job delivering their material. The final third was brilliant, due largely to Ralph Fiennes's flawless performance as Harry, which needless to say steals the attention from our leads. He just has an intensity in his eyes, and a great grasp of deadpan humor and psychotic nuance, that perfectly fit the complex nature of Harry's character. Bruges takes on symbolic meaning as a purgatorial setting. Essential viewing for fans of the Irish arts.

Saleem L (es) wrote: My most favourite film ever! Could watch it every day! Mar di Tau the mother of lions is the most bravest living thing you'll ever see.

Bill R (nl) wrote: It's crazy how well the British can pull off a dark comedy. This fits right into all the others.This doesn't exactly have a good mixture of balance between the thrilling and comedy parts but it works well with the story. what seemed to be a normal holiday for a couple turns into a little more than they expected and comedy ensues. given some won't find it funny but there are definite moments I lol'd.worth a watch.

Insomniac Z (ru) wrote: One very long, drawn out thriller. A few choice scenes of tension but not enough for the run time. It'll put most people to sleep. The score is atrocious, and the ending was beyond anti-climactic.Skip something good, and feel free to remake this one, Hollywood.