Fuck for Forest

Fuck for Forest

A film on the world's most bizarre charity: based on the idea that sex can change the world, the NGO raises money for their environmental cause by selling home-made erotic films on the internet.

Berlin's Fuck for Forest is one of the world's most bizarre charities: based on the idea that sex can change the world, the NGO raises money for their environmental cause by selling home-made erotic films on the Internet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin M (au) wrote: Pulls no punches. An interesting and engaging WWII story I had not heard told before.

Dan M (au) wrote: Quite possibly the lamest horror/end of the world type movie of all time. A Facebook like site causes everyone that uses it to get something that's like the rage infection from 28 Days Later(except it looks like they didn't even try hard with the makeup). It was a chore to sit through this.

Christopher B (us) wrote: It is hard to believe but this movie is bigger AND better than the first one. I will say it has ambition in opening up this world into a mafia drama rather than another claustrophobic thrill-ride. The mob aspect of the plot might be generic and cliched at times but overall that part was surprisingly more engaging than some American movies of that kind. But we watch this for the action and it was insanely savage! We are talking level-11 sh-t here; high-speed pacing, masterful choreography and brutal as hell. Fight sequences that put most action movies to shame!!

Tony C (jp) wrote: Surprisingly a good take on the old exorcist tale. Good acting and a storyline that buoys up the usual shanannigans. Worth a watch.

Tibor B (ru) wrote: Excellent little film about one man and his love affair with a car. The man just happens to be Eric Bana, the car a Ford Falcon Aussie muscle car. Aside from being a great petrolhead watch it also throws up some intriguing ideas about emotional attachment to possessions, and the way imperfect machines have infinitely more character than todays perfect mahines. A really good watch.

Joe B (es) wrote: Good dark comedy . Great cast sadly Emmky winner Jim Varney died while filming this move . Enjoy jim varneys final performance .

Rachel F (mx) wrote: Pimpin at e-zay! Or so I hear, but I want to say it's not cool either. Cmon ppl, if you think it's cool to demean women, beat women out-of-hand, and profit from degrading them--get real.

Trevor F (de) wrote: this needs to be rated much higher

Everett W (mx) wrote: Ahhh the hated by most loved by a few New Line Cinema offering in the Friday The 13th franchise. Seeking to breathe new life into proceedings New Line take the gamble of going down a body jumping possession route reminiscent of Wes Cravens Shocker, whilst adding in a family element similar to the Halloween sequels. The result feels like a cheese filled funeral service for 80's slashers and it works to an extent as a stand alone slasher film, it is an enjoyable watch, however as a Friday The 13th film it fails to deliver what fans of the franchise want to see. It's other crime is the music it makes it feel like a cheap made for TV movie which was New Lines style at the time, check out Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare for an equally bad score. Kane Hodder appearing as a security guard / victim is a nice insider nod to the fans as is the bounty hunter Creighton Duke's nod to quint from Jaws. Definitely worth a watch for some tongue in cheek slasher fun but not the greatest Friday.

Brian P (nl) wrote: Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.

Seville J (de) wrote: Kingdom of the Spiders is a typical 1970?s ?horror? film choc-full of cheesy effects, overeating, and blown-up dialogue. Shatner, as usual steals the show as a cowboy who comes face-to-face with an army of tarantulas. The costuming during the movie was classic 70?s attire that fit the film well enough when each article wasn?t covered in spiders. As for the effects, the low budget was evident as most of the spiders were real tarantulas and other effects were mostly live action. The plot itself was slow, fairly boring and slightly hard to follow. Scenes dragged on until the last moment when the ?suspense? reached its climax and a window-full of spiders would spontaneously crash onto the star. All in all, like a car crash, it was too bad not to look away from.

Spencer H (nl) wrote: Strangers on a Train is Hitchcock at his best, it's thrilling and all out incredible.

Rey G (us) wrote: My favorite movie of the year after the Kingsman.

John A (au) wrote: A Nice Atmospheric Teen Horror/Thriller Which Isn't Great But At The Same Time It's Not A Disaster. Joy Ride Is An Enjoyable Thriller Which Uses It's Atmosphere In Exactly The Right Way To Keep The Attention Of It's Audience. Is It Corny In Some Places, Yes, Clichd, Of Course. This Film Has A Great Script And Boasts Some Great Performances From It's Cast. The Film Itself Definitely Reaches Almost It's Full Potential.

Sean G (es) wrote: Slice of Life / Romantic Comedy. It's a little choppy through the first half with the HUGE ensemble cast squared off in pairs. Contains a lot of the late 90's AIDS hysteria.