Fuck Off! - Images of Finland

Fuck Off! - Images of Finland


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Surajit Kumar M (kr) wrote: Super performances! Nice visuals of Kashmir. Story and screenplay are a bit weak but the direction and acting made it look good. Shahid's best work so far. Irrfan in his small cameo was too good. Shradha Kapoor didn't have much to do but she did well whatever she got. Tabu n Kay Kay once again proved how good they are.

Wesley H (au) wrote: Decent plot line with a few loose ends (What happens to Ashley). Makeup could use some work but not bad overall.

Tarun S (de) wrote: just saw it a very nice flick with touching stories nice direction tho

Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Great acting, twists, great action scenes. Good story.

Fahmi M (ca) wrote: good acting by amir khan. specially the khandala song was great.

Indira S (it) wrote: "To Be,,, or Not To Be.. =))super hilarious war comedy :D

Sumanjit R (kr) wrote: Very good romantic flick from Bollywood!

James H (fr) wrote: Pretty imaginative for a sci-fi film made in 1960, this German/Polish co-production has it's moments but can't overcome a clumsy script and sub-par acting.

Matt M (it) wrote: Reminescent of the western style of classics, especially High Noon, and predating in many ways what would become the new language of the American B-movie, Terror in a Texas Town stars Hayden as a Swedish peace loving seaman who finds himself in Texas looking for revenge after he finds out his father was murdered. An admirable build up of tension leads to one of the most original final showdowns in the genre's history. Though people that have seen this film remember it fondly, Terror in a Texas Town still remains somewhat of a hidden gem.

shishir a (gb) wrote: one of the best movi ive seen.

Ashley C (kr) wrote: Anyone who doesn't love this is crazy! My favorite Christmas movie of all time

Trey B (ru) wrote: Make sure you pee before you start the movie, or just skip to the last hour of the movie.