Fuck Up

Fuck Up

Jack is pleased with himself for the first time in years. He has decided to stop fucking anything with a pulse and also to cut back on his eager and enthusiastic drug use. Then his best friend crashes into a moose in the middle of the night on the Swedish border. He is found with a hoof buried in his forehead and 2.5 kilos of cocaine in the trunk. Over the next 24 hours, Jack loses his house, his girlfriend leaves him and takes their daughter with her. And as he is about to find out: when you think you have hit rock bottom, it can always get worse.

Jack is pleased with himself. He has just decided to stop screwing anything with a pulse and cut back on his enthusiastic drug use. That same night his best friend Glenn crashes into a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fuck Up torrent reviews

teddy w (it) wrote: like the 2nd one more

Brandon T (fr) wrote: Surely the most realistic war movie I have ever seen!

Becca D (ru) wrote: It could have been a good movie if Eddie Murphy wasn't in it.

Myles H (us) wrote: I would say that this is his last fun movie before TRANSFORMING into the Michael bay we all know and HATE.

lucia c (nl) wrote: amo a simjaaaa!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Isabelle P (nl) wrote: adaptation du roman (C)ponyme, une jole reconstitution des us et coutumes de la norvge de l' (C)poque. 2h55 de norvegien sous titr (C) anglais, cela demande un peu de motivation.

Alan L (nl) wrote: (the flixster synopsis has just about *nothing* to do with the film...)

familiar s (kr) wrote: A bit numb courtroom drama. It wasn't tense, emotional, thrilling or gripping enough. It rather seemed to focus more on the state of the town's mindset. And it wasn't an appealing approach. Strong dialogues and aggressive performances might have helped. Otherwise, except for the Berta Kulig's testimony sequence, there isn't much in terms of entertainment. On the whole, numb as it is, it's still a watchable piece. More or less.

Cody C (de) wrote: Good movie, but does the thing I hate when old movies do which is the third act of it is a fucking long af courtroom scene. I hate that fucking shit. So many good movies get ruined by that. But anyway, it's still good.