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Mallory A (es) wrote: Looooved the drama, acting, and score in this film.

Zahari S (au) wrote: Absolutely sweet story! Story of Love in its essence. Described perfectly. How it starts, how it works and how illogical and making sense at the same time it is...

Filius S (ag) wrote: Hot Tub Time Machine is the story of a bunch of guys whose lives all suck; one lost his girlfriend, the other has a shit job and the last one is an alcoholic. After nearly dying in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, the group decides to team up and go to a winter resort to have some good old fashioned fun at their old stomping ground. The resort, it turns out, has seen better days. Everything is a mess and there's nobody around except a creepy dude with one hand. The team decides to say fuck it, and they end up getting white girl wasted in a hot tub, which magically teleports them all back to the 80's so that they can have a new shot at life. The movie is surprisingly funny, with Darryl from the Office and Rob Corddry delivering a good amount of laughs; hell, even John Cusack, an actor I normally hate, does a great job.TL;DR - 8/10This movie was surprisingly funny. I went in expecting another half-assed Hollywood comedy for the masses, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. If you want some low-brow comedy and a decent by-the-numbers plot, then you've found your film for the night.

Scott S (mx) wrote: Hated the beginning, warmed up to it in the middle and then they lost me again in the end. The movie had potential. Jay Brannan (check out his music on Youtube - great stuff) and Eli Kranski were outstanding. If you are a fan of independent films, particularly with a GLBT theme then definitely worth the rent (once). Otherwise don't waste your time.

Mark S (ca) wrote: Why are the top critics so terrible on this website?

Gretchen D (kr) wrote: Cute romantic drama. I liked the little breaks from the love story where they interviewed people about their tattoo. I also, of course, liked that it wasn't a Hollywood movie with big name actors.

Andrew H (nl) wrote: i saw meet the parents at kai's house

Bill R (fr) wrote: All three of Martel's films take place near the city of Salta in northern Argentina. Being south of the equator, this makes Salta hot and humid whereas Buenos Aires is cold and humid.

Paul M (jp) wrote: Not a complete train derailment that I thought it was going to be. That being said it is hard to believe the people who brought us Super Troopers and Beerfest started out on a movie like this. Not much for laughter and the acting was mediocre at best.

Wes S (it) wrote: The story is rather slow and dull, and it takes a while for the toys to start causing carnage. The characters are alright. While some of the toys have great effects others needed some more work. The gore is disgusting and the ending was bland.

Diganta B (au) wrote: I wanna do nothing :v

Rick R (us) wrote: In Old Arizona (1928)This movie is the first full-length talky western and directors, Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh did an excellent job showing the audience what new layers sound can add to a film. Ham & eggs sizzling in the pan, the clomping of the horse hooves, the music and singing, and of course people's accents were all new and wonderful then. Although Warner Baxter sounded more like Bela Lugosi than a Mexican.This was only the second movie that introduced us to the Cisco Kid and was the closest adaptation to O. Henry's short story, The Caballero's Way. There was a silent version in 1914. In this movie, he was more of a lovable rogue than the Gentleman of the Old West that Duncan Renaldo portrayed on television and there is no Pancho (Leo Carrillo) side-kick either.The Cisco Kid (Warner Baxter) is a thief and ruthless killer but holds a special soft spot for his girl, Tonia Maria (Dorothy Burgess) who, well, is kind of a gold-digging slut. The story opens with Cisco robbing a stage coach of it's gold box. He takes a locket from a passenger, but pays her in gold for it. The locket is given to Tonia in one of his visits.The local Army is tired of this character running around their territory and the Commanding Officer assigns Sergeant Mickey Dunn to bring him in, dead or alive. Mickey is a New York player who is as charismatic as Cisco and maybe as good a shot. When Mickey finds that Tonia is Cisco's girl, they play right into each other's hands. Plus, the $5,000 reward is very appealing to Tonia. Cisco might have met his match this time.

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: Really good. Not as good as the Swedish version. Wish they continued the series.

Jacob B (ag) wrote: Occasionally uneven but full of laughs and heartwarming moments, American Pie treats sex with more honesty than most sex movies and is sure to please teens and adults alike with the film being remembered the most for popularizing the term MILF. The first slice of Pie is the most delicious one.

Eric L (de) wrote: So, I'm a big Studio ADI fan, and naturally, when I learned of this film, I jumped right behind it! Being a huge supporter of practical effects, it's nice to see projects like this that can show how well Practical effects hold up to CGI. Watching this film though, I was rather disappointed. The Dialogue and acting is pretty bad at times, but I can live with that, because that's not really what I loved this project for. While the acting isn't nearly as bad as some of the B movies today, it still has it's moments of unintentional hilariousness from sheer lack in quality. But lets talk about the elephant in the room, the Practical effects, which, all things considered, and Studio ADI's history included, were incredibly disappointing. Now, I'm not going to say that practical effects on their own can't be awesome, I mean, look at the Alien movies (The first 2 in particular), the Thing, Little Shop of Horrors, the effects are great! So I don't know who got lost in translation for this film, in which a lot of the time, the effects are very cheesy and almost laughable, and not in a good way. I think a standout example of this is when a character is grabbed by this huge tentacle thing and pulled into a pipe. The tentacle itself looks awful approaching the character, like a really bad puppet, and the character being dragged into the pipe is on par with "Nightmare on Elm Street"'s horrible effect at the end with the mom and the door. The rest of the creature moments are along the same line, very lackluster.A great interview ADI did for the website "Cracked" details to some extent what I think caused this issue. CGI, when appropriate, is great, Practical effects, when appropriate, are great, but sometimes you reach areas where one doesn't quite meet up. ADI talked a lot in that interview about how they feel that neither technique is the answer, and that really good effects come from finding the balance between Practical effects and CGI, this sort of "Mix" of the two that creates dynamic realism. The Alien Queen from "Requiem" is a good example of this, the queen is a mix of CGI and animatronics and puppets, and the end result is astounding. Here though, the effects are missing that last little polish and touch up that CGI can offer, I'm not saying I wish this film was all CG, in fact, I think that would make it worse! I'm saying that, all things considered, Practical effects (and CG) have their limitations, and using a hybrid of the two could have led to much better effects, which, as they stand now in the film, were very lackluster.I hope to see more Studio ADI in the future, despite this film, I really love the studio and it's work!