• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fuerza 2006 full movies, Fuerza torrents movie

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Fuerza torrent reviews

Duncan S (gb) wrote: Its "The Surrey Chainsaw Massacre" as some Brit teens become the victims of a family of cannibals in the English countryside. Badly acted (and i mean really badly) fomulaic horror

Joseph P (ru) wrote: what a delightful film

Christopher B (us) wrote: This movie is SO funny!! Great casting but John M. really makes me smile.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: A crappy retread of a Shining or House on Haunted Hill, among many other similar themed movies. Flesh for the Best only offers an awesome Buckethead score that is a mix of Death Cube K sounding and his classic riffs and shreds. The acting is bad, script sucks, and the makeup is weak. Decent blood though. Only thing that works is the Buckethead score and the Deli Creeps song in the closing credits.

Joy H (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Susan Sarandon played a great part.

Masorad (br) wrote: Sometimes they should never get out of development.

Dylan G (ru) wrote: Not as fun or good as Creepshow, but it does thoroughly capture the cheesy charm of Creepshow in an excellent degree! B+

Pia K (mx) wrote: Aikas ihana hppleffa 80-luvulta. ^_^

Brijesh P (ag) wrote: Classic greko, classic 80s, classic giant mobile phones

Roy S (nl) wrote: A pretty good film. Reynolds does an excellent Burt Reynolds (none better!), and Ned Beatty is excellent as the corrupt sheriff. The screenplay is above average for this type of movie, and the Arkansas setting does well by all involved, especially the cinematographer and stunt coordinator.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Another feeble 1960s Bob Hope comedy about him going to Africa to retrieve a moon capsule before the bad guys get it. Anita Edberg is one of the beautiful bad guys who uses here womanly charms on Bob. Edie Adams is Bob's partner in finding the missing McGuffin. Like most of Bob's pictures from this time, it's not very funny, but this film did contain a joke that I always remembered as a kit and still worked pretty well. The bad guys are trying to kill Bob and they put a deadly tarantula in his tend while he's asleep. The film does a big suspenseful build up with the spider crawling up Bob's arm (close-ups, dramatic music, etc.) and then Bob just casually brushes it off. There's also a bit where Bob golfs with Arnold Palmer that works fairly well too, but overall, it's still not so good.

Luke M (ag) wrote: Michael Clayton is good in theory, but regrettably unremarkable. Twisting simultaneous plot points into a Grisham-esque weave, it becomes clear with its undeveloped characters and plot that this is certainly no Grisham adaptation. The acting is good, with Tom Wilkinson in particular giving a very impressive performance, but Michael Clayton is forgotten within an hour of it leaving the screen.

Dominique C (mx) wrote: sex scene is hilarious, some funny scenes