Fuerza aérea sociedad anónima

Fuerza aérea sociedad anónima

Between 1997 and 1999 more people died in LAPA (private Argentine airlines) plane crashes than in the preceding 27 years. Enrique PiÃf±eyro shows behind-the-scenes footage of the disastrous state of civil aviation in Argentina.

Between 1997 and 1999 more people died in LAPA (private Argentine airlines) plane crashes than in the preceding 27 years. Enrique PiÃf±eyro shows behind-the-scenes footage of the disastrous state of civil aviation in Argentina. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda N (gb) wrote: This was clearly shot on 16mm film, which in this case was a good thing. It definitely added to the atmospheric quality. It was kind of like if "Winter's Bone" had had some kind of fantasy element, took place in a swamp and had a likable actress as the lead. It was a great performance by the little girl. It's probably one of the best examples of VO narration in the "narration fairy" style. It was slow paced, but I don't mind. The tone was eerie, and almost fairy-tale like. I didn't like the overuse of shaky cam. It wasn't as extreme as "Cloverfield" but it was a lot heavier than "Short Term 12". I still loved the movie, though. Had Benh Zeitlin dialed it back a bit, I definitely would've given it five stars. I love it, but it was just a little too much in some places. Also, what an AMAZING title. Really. That's brilliant.

Lena C (kr) wrote: I loved it. It had the perfect amount of heart and laughs for me.

Florent C (us) wrote: I got to know about horror movies. Well, this film is a horror of a movie.Shallow, very pretentious and especially VERY poorly acted and directed. Rs. 100 gone to ashes.

i C (gb) wrote: 4/10good effects, but the rest is forgettable

gabriel r (ag) wrote: Really cool, great character development. But this is something that i keep wondering myself, every korean movie that involves guns and knives have tragic endings. It must be some taboo or something over there.

Mohamed A (gb) wrote: I was really disappointed in this Movie. I usually only see movies of a more sophisticated, thought provoking quality during its first week in theaters. I was in the mood for some stress relieving comedy and after seeing the trailer, I thought this movie would do the trick. It's almost as if they went through the entire film and pulled out every funny part (believe me, they are just that few) and used them for the preview. I probably laughed only two times during the entire film. Everything else was either already shown in the preview (so it was no longer funny) or so stupid that it didn't even deserve a laugh.This film totally lacks creativity and, with the exception of all the gross and tacky sexual references, looks as if it were written by a 4th grader (seriously). The only thing truly laughable about this film is the film itself - It's a Big Joke - and The Joke Is On Us!! (the paying viewers). Who did they think their audience would be - Cavemen!? I hate to take it to that extreme, but the script is just that simple.I wasn't necessarily expecting it to be a great movie (I mean, it is supposed to be a comedy), but since Malcolm D. Lee wrote the Best Man (a very enjoyable film), I thought this movie would at least be worthy of my time and money. Boy, was I wrong. Lee obviously has no real friends, because if he did, they would have told him this project was a load of garbage. I'm still amazed that he was able to secure James Earl Jones' participation in this movie. I am sure he'll still make money because many people will go to see it (with false hopes of a comic relief), but for those of you reading this....I'd recommend waiting for the DVD - or better yet, why not just wait for a movie that is actually deserving of your attention. For those of you who still insist on seeing it anyway, don't say you weren't warned!

Kyle G (de) wrote: There is plenty brewing underneath this minimalist drama -- the splintering of a boyhood friendship (marrying and having a baby vs. staying a weird and chilled-out dude) as well as a side-long glance at political splintering (the shrill rhetoric on the car radio) -- but it's cloaked in too much that's secretive and arty and ironic to ever be effective or interesting.

Scott P (au) wrote: I was really starting to get into the movie, and then it ended. I think if they hadn't shown the real Papale in the pre-credits, I think I'd like this movie a bit more. In those ten seconds, I saw more fire, heart, and passion than Wahlberg's hangdog two-hour portrait. I was never sold on why coach picked him for heart, but seeing Papale I understood. Wahlberg never showed that once, and I usually really enjoy him. The movie also hit all the beats and everything mentioned or done in the movie came back around at some point. Incredibly average when all is said and done, and five minutes after asking, "Are we gonna learn who any of his teammates are?" I learned that it didn't matter because the ending was the beginning. As a movie about a small-town success, I was enjoying it until I saw the real Papale and realized I'd rather have seen the documentary.

Lee M (br) wrote: The acting excellence is ultimately cancelled out by the derivative nature of the story, which is not presented in a terribly fresh or distinctive manner.

kan T (au) wrote: ne anlatt???n? son k?s?mlar?na kadar alg?layamad???m? d?nyordum. kad?n?n yeri mi, insan ili?kileri mi? ba?lad??? yerde ve bir zaferle bitmesi gzel olmu?.

Ryan M (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Seriously disturbing and very under-rated. Borders on the avant garde, but a great story nonetheless.

Simon G (jp) wrote: Sometimes drifts into sentimentality which borders on the cheesy (this feeling is particularly heightened by the score) but is saved by two great performances from Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn with solid performances from the rest of the cast. Leaves you with a feeling of hope and a true joy to watch.

Judith W (ag) wrote: Delightful! I was totally taken by surprise by this quirky romantic comedy.

Nate J (de) wrote: A pretty decent horror flick with some great chilling moments. Dolls are always creepy and there's no exception here. It is a tad predictable but then it's rare to find a horror movie that isn't nowadays. Still an enjoyable movie throughout though

Rasheed T (kr) wrote: Hardly funny! Come on, Eddie!