A film about a classical composer who goes insane.

Could a brilliant composer's music actually be killing his loved ones? Eliseo can't help but believe it when his younger sister dies tragically and then his pianist Georgina suddenly dies on the piano. Completely traumatized, Eliseo is taken to a mental hospital where he can find escape only through music. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Fuga torrent reviews

Kayla D (us) wrote: Knotty Buff yrxgtre. OneEeeq

Tait W (us) wrote: A disturbingly too realistic visual of the filthier parts of today's society. It's a real unnerving eye opener that makes you think and realize that the kind of stuff depicted in this film does happen. Harmony Korine is a genius and a great modern day film director that really knows how to capture the scum of America.

Tom R (ag) wrote: Believe it or not, this movie is a scream because it recognizes its cheesy appeal and goes for it. Sister of 'the Boss' himself plays a very uptight camp counselor who might just have a violent agenda. Combination slasher/nudie film has lots of both and some good laughs too. Not exactly AFI material but then you knew that.

Dorothy H (it) wrote: so um yeah this movie had some potential then it just died. but um the damn things looked like fucking gremlins she could have just thrown some water on them bastards and it would have been fine. but no she just had to burn the bitch down. oh well at least it was entertaining.

Steve D (mx) wrote: dont care what anyone else thinks, it may have flopped, it may have been panned by critics, its part of my childhood now and forever and i love it :)

Jessica S (gb) wrote: I love the book as did Fassbinder and Schygulla is spellbinding

Brandon R (fr) wrote: This was physically painful to watch.

Cody C (jp) wrote: Brilliant. Such great shots. Easily one of the most underrated movies of all time.

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