Fuga de cerebros 2

Fuga de cerebros 2

Alfonso, pursues the girl of his life to Harvard, determined to conquer her under the same friends and outlandish plans that his brother used in Oxford. But when you least expect it appears Martha, the girl he fell in love while at school. Sequel to "Fuga de cerebros".

The brainless teenagers form Brain Drain are back and this time they will be going to the Veterinary Faculty at Harvard University. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lou B (es) wrote: what started out as an edgy film about an older man becoming involved with a younger beauty - a la Last Tango in Paris - degenerates into something conventional and preachy. The ending is also hard to believe. If the editors cut out the last 30 minutes, it would be so much better. Clemence Poesy is a stunner. She and Michael Caine perform admirably. They're just victims of a script that reeks of executive meddling. In other words, whoever wrote the first half would never write the second half. Some Hollywood exec intervened and screwed it all up.

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Simon P (br) wrote: Natural filmmaking, an amusing and quite disturbing start to Seidl's trilogy.

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Neil O (fr) wrote: Cult 50s three story anthology. The final story features Orson Welles and is a fine adaption of a Somerset Maugham short story whilst the first segment is bizarre and unsettling in a kind of "Dead of Night" way. Every now and then, Brit cinema throws up these weird little vignettes that totally go against what they were producing at the time. Anyone with an interest in supernatural cinema should pick this one up as it is a forgotten classic.

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