Fuga desesperada

Fuga desesperada


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fuga desesperada torrent reviews

Lu B (us) wrote: im in love with this movie!! its AMAZING! totally in love with justin. u are my life !

Shannon B (ca) wrote: Went to the premiere at IFC tonight. Great film that shows who Ochs was as a whole person and part of a movement. Awesome stories shared during the Q & A by his brother, the director and people in the audience who knew him.

Tracy S (au) wrote: extreely horrible and not very acurate except for how crazy yoko is, they got that spot on

Dymond D (ca) wrote: awesome love this movie

Simon D (mx) wrote: a pretty convincing mockumentary, I started to suspect that this wasn't real when I thought I recongnised a few English B actors but when the footage from the 70's was as clean as it was, it was obvious. The film, however is still damn good. It's a story of siamese twins who form a punk band. It's an emotional rollercoaster that gets pretty deep and twisted.

Dan P (ru) wrote: An interesting insight into the early years of The Beatles

Luc L (mx) wrote: A lighter side of comedy that focus Hollywood stereotyping Afro-American in television and film business.

Nick B (es) wrote: 50/100. Disappointed is the best word to describe my experience with this film. An older co-worker recommended a bunch of movies, this being one of them. He said that Elizabeth Taylor was drop dead gorgeous and it was movie drama at it's best. Quality movie experience he told me. I was excited knowing that Elizabeth Taylor won Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her role in this movie. It was a very dated performance. You know those old crime dramas with the private detective at the bar with cigars? How their acting is very jerky and overdone? That's how this was. It wasn't a terrible movie, but my expectations were too high maybe. Basically, Elizabeth Taylor is a call girl, who doesn't get paid for it. She just likes sleeping with men due to her past with one of her mom's ex boyfriends. One rich, married guy was blunt and a type A personality, just like herself. They have a week of passion and both feel so strongly about each other that when it blows up, it really blows up. I could clearly forsee how the ending would turn out based on scenes earlier in the movie. In one way, it was refreshing for a movie not to try super hard to trick you or have a big twist at the end, but it was just too dated for me to give it a fresh review. I also expected Elizabeth Taylor to look better. I couldn't stop seeing her face now- as an old droopy mess. I don't expect women to be stick figures like Rene Zellweger or anything, I like meat on women, but Elizabeth's chub in this movie was not well placed. She wore dresses that made her chin slope into her body, at one point she wore a dress with a super small belt that pinched in her waist- but her butt and upper body had chub spilling over. The best way to describe her would be glamerous, but not gorgeous. I felt like she would not look pretty without her make-up. The two other main women in the movie who were more plain were prettier in my opinion. This is a big reason for the high expectations and big downfall for me. I guess you can't unsee what has now been seen. Elizabeth Taylor is a mess now and that's what I saw. This was an OK watch, but nothing special for me. ** update ** Did a wikipedia search on this movie and as I already knew, this movie was based on a novel. The girl in the movie was actually based on the mysterious death of Starr Faithfull. Her body was found washed on the shore in Long Beach, NY (where I grew up) back in 1931. No real details are known in real life, but in the novel the heroine is killed by falling under a paddlewheel of a steamboat on which she is a passenger. This is very different from the events in the movie, but it's interesting to read this. Maybe I'll look for literature on this Starr Faithfull's mysterious death in real life.

Tomer H (mx) wrote: Sweet and funny, Frank Capra pulls it off yet again with the outstanding Clark Gable in the lead.

Greg W (mx) wrote: Day is a little too old for this role but here it is