Fugitive Alien

Fugitive Alien

An alien is pursued as a traitor by his own race because he refuses to kill humans.

An alien is pursued as a traitor by his own race because he refuses to kill humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fugitive Alien torrent reviews

Jolle L (kr) wrote: What was that!? I almost died laughing to tears. Not sure if it's awful or awesome.

Daniela T (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie!! Beautiful story! I cried at the end!

IJ T (ca) wrote: The art direction is fantastic and reminds me a lot of michel gondry's the science of sleep. However the plot, dialogue and characters are just Terrible... despite the fact that the surprisingly dramatic and poignant final 15 minutes does redeem some of its sins.

Vickstar B (ag) wrote: This film is sooo good!!! Shame bout Jeremy and Danny not making it too see Diago Maradona tho!! Great documentry!!! Hope u make more like this!! I know one of the producers to cos he is a m8 of mine!!!! Wkd film!!!

Jonah D (us) wrote: A reviewer wrote that the absence of Oshii's magic touch in Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society results in a superficial story without any depth. While it is true that the original Kkaku Kidtai and its sequel have a certain majestic tranquility, this holds up as a near-perfect (albeit derivative) entry. The Oshii works have a poeticism, laced with quotes, waxing philosophical and full of psychological observations and cybersociological insight. They are certainly deep in that sense. But those films should be judged on a different standard because their purpose was not the same. This film is effectively an OVA for the TV series, and as such, it delivers immensely. I wouldn't compare it to Tekkon Kinkreet, Paprika, Akira or the works of Ghibli. Those are all films owing to the rich historical film tradition of the past 70 years. But compared to most OVAs, 2007's Solid State Society has much higher production quality. I wouldn't recommend it if you only like high brow intellectual anime. But if you enjoy shows like Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo then you will love this. It also has enough "Serial Experiments Lain" sci-fi and imaginings of the future impact of technology on social interaction to keep the subtext interesting.The Stand Alone Complex series started out more true to Masamune's manga than Oshii's films, but in the second season was effectively 'rebooted' into Oshii style, while keeping the characterization of the Major and some other nods to the manga. The major shift from 1st to 2nd season in the TV series is the visual palette becoming more muted and noir-ish and the show becoming more atmospheric. This OVA follows in the footsteps of the series in creating a great atmosphere and using a color palette as instantly recognizable and evocative as Aliens.To summarize, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society is a dense yet neatly packaged story with a contemplative atmosphere that stays true to Oshii's vision while retaining enough thrills to keep the pace moving briskly.

Jeni A (ru) wrote: Steve Pierre the main actor makes me laugh, every one I show this movie says they know someone like all of the characters in the movie.

Kelly W (ru) wrote: Did not do it for me.

WS W (us) wrote: For Bollywood's regular long & winding length, it's either hit or miss. And for this Bollywood superhero one, everything is just so over the top, camp though.

Tasos L (mx) wrote: Too bad for Seagal..this movie is pure decline...

Mohammad A (nl) wrote: A fun whimsical adventure. This really is a fantastic family movie.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: Underrated British naval drama with an outstanding cast. A must for fans of Hornblower and Master and Commander.

Ahmed M (es) wrote: What do you get, when you put good performances, an average and boring story, backed up by a rushed ending? Frequency.