Fugitive Valley

Fugitive Valley

The Range Busters have a plan to get into the outlaw's hideout in Fugitive Valley.

The Range Busters have a plan to get into the outlaw's hideout in Fugitive Valley. The Sheriff puts Crash and Langdon in jail together and then has Dusty break them out. Langdon then leads ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart K (fr) wrote: Based on a critically acclaimed play by James Hicks and Nick Moran, and directed by Moran. This a film which tells the rise and fall of Joe Meek, a man who once had lots of hits, but his violent outbursts and tempers and his refusal to comprimise proved to be his ultimate downfall. It's a low-key but engaging insight into the life of a man who certainly wasn't there. Joe Meek (Con O'Neill), part owner of RPM Sounds, based at 304 Holloway Road, London. It was over 2 floors, he'd made recording studios out of all the rooms, much to the chagrin of the landlady Violet Shenton (Pam Ferris). He co-owned RPM Sounds with plastics magnate Major Wilfred Banks (Kevin Spacey), amongst Meek's acts were The Tornado's, and Meek wrote and produced a hit record for them, Telstar, which went to #1 in America. Meek would have a homosexual affair with one of his young discoveries, Heinz Burt (JJ Feild), but Meek alienated everyone around him, and he practiced the occult more and more. It's a very intimate and down-to-earth drama with an offbeat feel and look, but it's engaging and doesn't drag. O'Neill is spot-on perfect as Meek, believable and terrifying. Moran's direction captures the mood of the early 1960's well, and it has a brilliant supporting cast including James Corden, Rita Tushingham, Jimmy Carr, John Leyton, Carl Bart and Justin Hawkins!!

Frances H (de) wrote: Pleasant romcom with swinging songs. Grant played his usually breezy self, Drew Barrymore plays her usual innocent, breezy, and naive, vulnerable self with a great deal of charm. Pleasant enjoyable flick.

Robyn M (au) wrote: "The popular childern's book is highly fantasized, and sugar codes a very serious topic... therefore it's diffucult to follow the unrealistic Perfect Ending."Hoot gave hope about life and compassion for others.But somewhere between a great start it began to contradict itself by promoting illegal activity. Even worse they got away with it! This raised a few eye brows and pet peeves. Starting with NO life jackets when the boys were on a boat going 30-45 MPH!? What were they thinking? And allowing Mullet Head to live unsupervised, they throw away education and everything it stood for. Or How about when they gave false information to the Hospitial? They could face a minimuim of 1 year in Juvie. I don't know these issues of stupid just couldn't by pass my morals.

Narinder C (au) wrote: This movie only stole the idea from Reservoir Dogs, yes i've seen that one too. BUT this was a whole another level of tension and packed with powerful performances so its an orignal in my book. Fav Quote: "E Major... Tu Saara Din Bhoken Ga, Ya Kaate Ga Bhi??"

Ms Southern L (fr) wrote: Its a okay movie to watch if there is nothing else to watch.

Ruthie R (ru) wrote: Sort of long and drawn out, but everyone is so insane that every step is interesting, and the acting is sort of meh, but the bathroom scene and the "torture" scene have nice little places in my favorites now.

MARK G (jp) wrote: Great Superman story here. Maybe a little dark but I LOVED it !