Tony (Laia Marull) is a young crook preparing for a bank robbery with her boyfriend Juanjo (Jesus Olmedo) and their low-life partners Maxi (Miguel Hermoso Arnao) and Moco (Roberto Cairo). Right before they commit the crime, Juanjo informs Tony that his prostitute sister wants him to take her young daughter Laura (Beatriz Coronel) to visit the girl's father, a flamenco singer in the Spanish southern coastal town of Tarifa. Juanjo persuades the initially reluctant Tony that Laura will provide the couple with a perfect cover after they relieve their partners of the robbery's earnings. Unfortunately, though the robbery comes off without a hitch, the duplicitous Juanjo absconds with the cash, making Tony and Laura fugitives both from the law and from the psychotically angry Maxi and Moco.

Born in a poor neighborhood, Tony hides hides behind the image of a tough woman. She has a boyfriend, Juanjo, and two pals, a strange couple formed by Maxi, who is obsessed with martial ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fugitives torrent reviews

Steven T (ru) wrote: I will never look at McDonald's the same way ever again while having fries, burger, and a smoothie. I'll feel dirty but still enjoy it.

Justin M (gb) wrote: excellent movie...watch it...u won't be disappointed

Christopher B (kr) wrote: A film I am shocked that more Ferrara fans don't love. Sure it's reminiscent of other works by him, but that's one of the things that makes it great. Modine is awesome as the scumbag lead who goes to Hopper for help on piecing together a night that he blacked out. Terrific stuff that deserves a lot more praise than it got.

Chris P (it) wrote: So bad that its amazing.

David L (de) wrote: the least favorite of the innaritu's films thus far - I just dont see the coupling of Watts and Rivers and by this point taking a retrospective look of all of his films, you can see his trademarks -- beautiful landscape/cinematography of nature, close-up shots on his main characters esp when they are writhing in pain and spreading those painful moments ever so slowly until you become so mentally exhausted just watching. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but you really ought to be prepared to watch his films because its not easy and it deals with those universal human elements of love, loss, redemption in such delicate ways. Still, I question his choice of Penn & Watts for the roles. Melissa Leo, as usual, gets ignored and yet delivers such a fine performance, as does Bernicio Del Toro.

stacey c (ag) wrote: such a stupid film... so fake!!!

Sebastian D (gb) wrote: Its pushy symbolism and "cheap-horror-like" cinematography irritated me.

Lydia A (au) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

Adam P (es) wrote: Very underrated southern mystery bursting with sin

Ben G (gb) wrote: God it is long and painful. The final word (finding a perfect woman is as difficult as going to the sun) is ridiculous. A huge disappointment.

Mark K (ca) wrote: Slow and fairly standard story. Evil aliens (though never seen) come to Earth to steal all our energy.

Siavash (kr) wrote: If I wanted to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, I would watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think Larry's character in the TV series is all he got, and he cannot do anything else with it. The same crappy wit, and the same numb punchlines, just in a different setup doesn't make it a different work. An absolute waste of two hours.

Ola G (es) wrote: The planet Krull is invaded by an entity known as the "Beast" and his army of futuristic "Slayers", who travel the galaxy in a mountain-like spaceship called the Black Fortress. In a ceremony involving exchanging a handful of flame between the newlyweds, Prince Colwyn (Ken Marshal) and Princess Lyssa (Lysette Anthony) plan to marry and form an alliance between their rival kingdoms in the hope that their combined forces can defeat the Beast's army. The Slayers attack the wedding before it is completed, killing the two kings, devastating both armies and kidnapping the princess. Prince Colwyn is found and nursed by Ynyr (Freddie Jones), the Old One. Ynyr tells him the Beast can be defeated with the "Glaive", an ancient, magical, five-pointed throwing weapon. Colwyn retrieves the Glaive from a high mountain cave before setting out to track down the Black Fortress, which teleports to a new location every day at sunrise. As they travel, Colwyn and Ynyr are joined by magician Ergo "the Magnificent" (David Battley) and a band of nine thieves, fighters, bandits and brawlers. Colwyn offers to clear their criminal records, successfully enlisting Torquil (Alun Armstrong), Kegan (Liam Neeson), Rhun (Robbie Coltrane), Oswyn (Todd Carty), Bardolph (Dicken Ashworth), Menno (Bill Weston), Darro (Andy Bradford), Nennog (Bronco McLoughlin), and Quain (Gerard Naprous). The cyclops Rell (Bernard Bresslaw) later joins the group. The search for Princess Lyssa and the "Beast" puts Prince Colwyn and his band of fighters in all sorts of difficulties...Some critics offered praise for the film. Janet Maslin, reviewing Krull for The New York Times, found the film to be "a gentle, pensive sci-fi adventure film that winds up a little too moody and melancholy for the Star Wars set"; she praised director Yates for "giving the film poise and sophistication, as well as a distinctly British air," as well as "bring[ing] understatement and dimension to the material". Baird Searles described Krull as "an unpretentious movie . . . with a lot of good things going for it", noting the film as "very beautiful, in fact, a neglected quality in these days when it seems to have been forgotten that film is a visual medium". The Aurum Film Encyclopedia called Krull "a likeable, if lightweight, mix of sword and sorcery and science fiction" and expressed admiration for the "engaging characters who surround the pallid hero and heroine...and some nicely judged action sequences".Peter Yates "Krull" from 1983 has this mix of sword & sorcery and science fiction trying to blend Star Wars with Lord of The Rings and as far as I remember seeing it back then I liked it, but re-seeing it today I see a poor mans adventure flick with crappy special effects, bad script, cheesy studio sets, theatrical acting and with a general campiness to it. It was a bit painful to watch it as it hardly is up to scratch today and in my opinion "Krull" isnt really worthy of a cult status either. When reading that the picture was one of the most expensively produced motion pictures of its time you wonder where the money went in one way, but the production did utilize ten sound stages at Pinewood Studios, including the biggest of them all, the gigantic 007 Stage, which was used for the exteriors of the swamp sequence. And I reckon that do cost money. My only treat in this film was to see the beautiful Francesca Annis as the Widow of the Web. "Krull" is a movie I wont come back to re-visit again.

Mike B (ca) wrote: Extremely funny with a great cast. Ryan Reynolds shows perfect comedic timing. Far better than most comedies the critics rate far higher. A minor classic.

Chris G (jp) wrote: Well this was a waste of a movie night. The movie had an interesting premise and story, but I felt bored through it. It looked alright from the trailer when I seen it during "Lights Out", but I thought the movie to be stale. Not creepy or scary in the slightest and I know I won't be revisiting this movie.