Full Circle

Full Circle

A young woman, traumatized by rape at an early age, slowly learns to trust and love again as she struggles to avoid repeating her mother's mistakes.

A young woman, traumatized by rape at an early age, slowly learns to trust and love again as she struggles to avoid repeating her mother's mistakes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrik T (ca) wrote: Kass och trkig uppfljare till frsta filmen som var helt ok. Maskiner som muterar och ddar folk. Seen it before?

Jeffrey Z (nl) wrote: Great melodrama both politically and romantically!

Spencer H (es) wrote: The movie is pretty boring, but it is still and entertaining sea adventure with a great performance by Russell Crowe.

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: A pesar de su guin ridculo, tiene momentos de suspenso que te atrapan.

Jackie L (it) wrote: Uncomfortable and unforgetable....

neil L (ru) wrote: The Blob is a classic early horror film.

Ian C (ag) wrote: The balls. Coburn is in the thick of this class war set in the trenches of Russia in WWII. Mason is such a cunt as the villain. The action is superb and the ending is pure genius.

Walter M (nl) wrote: "Seven Days to Noon" starts with Professor Willingdon(Barry Jones) having written a polite letter to the Prime Minister(Ronald Adam) stating that unless he announces the country is disarming its nuclear arsenal, he will set off a nuclear bomb in the center of London at noon on the following Sunday. When Superintendent Folland(Andre Morell) of the Special Branch verifies it is not a hoax, the hunt is on. "Seven Days to Noon" is a riveting thriller that accomplishes a heightened level of realism with a superb use of location shooting while sidestepping some obvious pratfalls like a possible romantic subplot. Along the same lines, it is a wise move not to make Willingdon that sympathetic, as he comes off as somebody who is broken from constantly living under an enormous strain that he cannot share and is not thinking rationally, synbolizing the insanity of employing nuclear weapons. And he also reminds me a bit of Dr. Jekyll from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. "Seven Days to Noon" serves as a valentine to the resiliency of the people of London, living yet again under the threat of a bomb, shortly after the end of World War II. But I would like to disagree with the character of the Prime Minister(and probably also the filmmakers) that the nuclear bombs are necessary(I remember reading in a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer that the scientists at Los Alamos created an atomic bomb out of fear that the Nazis would build one first and never intended it to be used like it was on Hiroshima) as a deterrent because in the end, the threat from another country never turned out to be viable.

Johnny T (br) wrote: Whoever made the trailer for this thing deserves an award. I mean, I'm an experienced enough movie goer at this point not to be suckered so easily by a well-edited commercial for a film, but I admit: this movie's trailer got my hopes way up. Apparently the film itself was created based on the success of a few internet clips of the clown that features prominently in the film. That's fair enough. It's a creepily done clown in most ways. The film itself: not so much. All Hallows' Eve also feels rushed in places, mainly because it was. All of the stories feature some sort of effect that looks like it'll eventually be used in a reel for one of the artists on the film, and none of it is impressive. Though, I did enjoy the wraparound segment (despite being a bit of a Ring ripoff), which is rare since most anthologies have really bad and seemingly pointless wraparounds. Damien Leone's indie anthology horror film is a very forgettable and dull genre entry. If you've seen Damien Leone's previous shorts then you've already seen half the movie. The only new aspect to the film was the second story and wraparound segment. While the wraparound was surprisingly decent, the new story was really half-assed, boring, and poorly done. If you've never seen the shorts before then the film is worth a look, but I'd skip it otherwise. VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)

Andy P (ag) wrote: So generic it hurts.

Eric T (kr) wrote: Frozen "fever" is the only reason that this short was made. I found myself mostly cringing with a laugh here or there.

Weul S (ag) wrote: A post-Psycho Sunset Boulevard that amps to eleven. My how hatred can really fuel great cinematic tension.