Full Frontal

Full Frontal

A contemporary comedy set in Los Angeles, Full Frontal traces the complicated relationship among seven friends as they deal with the fragile connections that bind them together. Full Frontal takes place during a twenty-four hour period - a day in the life of missed connections.

The film concentrates on complex relationship of Linda , Gus, Carl and his wife who falls in love with Calvin. They must face terrible things in sex, lies and videotape which change their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (nl) wrote: Bad acting and boring

Tim M (nl) wrote: "Get the Gringo" is a taut, rock - solid action extravaganza. This is the Mel Gibson grizzled action hero vehicle we've been waiting for, and boy, is it a gritty, wild ride...

Simply Beautiful (au) wrote: I just loved they way he danced before the Lord

Darren R (it) wrote: Oh, what a magical time the Seventies were for cinema. By all rights, this should have been another lame cash-grab ape movie, but instead it's a clever little character drama. Both humorous and dark, it's a blend one wouldn't expect in a sequel to the dreadfully dull "Beneath" film, or perhaps even the original. Fine performances, a simple but effective scirpt, sharp cinematography and a moving story. Shout out to Jerry Goldsmith returning with a more pop-friendly take on his avant garde approach to scoring films.

Tim S (nl) wrote: I have yet to see the theatrical cut, but I was very intrigued by the director's cut.

Hayden H (au) wrote: While it's basically going through the motions, PJ&TSOM is fun and definitely a movie for fans of the amazing books that deserve soooo much better. But hey! I was just hoping it'll follow the books and be better than Lighting Bolt Thief. Sooo... I'm satisfied "B" is my final grade

Daniel I (kr) wrote: Steven Wilson and his musical talents are just phenomenal.