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Full Metal Village

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Paul D (fr) wrote: It's an intriguing storyline of lost souls, but the final twist is one that just feels overused in recent cinema past.

Brad S (nl) wrote: An interesting and solid look at the art of casting. For the most part, it's a love letter to one of the first pioneers in this role of filmmaking, but its also a great reminder of the collaborative nature of filmmaking and how many different people bring a piece of the puzzle to the table. I was very disappointed in director Tyler Hackford's POV on casting and casting directors, which highlighted his own ignorance and ego I think. We'll see where his view ends up in the history books.

bill s (fr) wrote: If you know the backstory this is a interesting thriller otherwise you may think it drags in parts.

Moya W (es) wrote: Something to Talk About wasn't quite the way I expected it to be. I didn't really get into the story the way I thought I would. The characters were rather difficult to relate to and the acting wasn't that great either. I had expected more emotion and heartache but I didn't really feel anything for any of the characters in it and I kept waiting for what would happen next instead of being locked in the now. I found the characters' reactions to the situation a tad unrealistic which resulted in me not being able to relate to them. And by the end of it all I didn't really feel much and I wished I would have felt a lot more. There were scenes that should have been in the movie to make it easier to fully comprehend but weren't, and there were probably also scenes that were in the movie but maybe shouldn't have. This made it more difficult to follow the story and actually enjoy it.

Ghislain B (us) wrote: Excellent film de Kusturica, grave et mouvant qui dpeint merveille la Yougoslavie des annes 50 travers les yeux d'un petit garon. Le ralisateur n'est pas encore maturit, mais tous les thmes qui lui sont chers sont dj prsents. Une bauche russie de ces films venir.

Akramul i (us) wrote: Italian Monty Python!

Steve W (gb) wrote: It's not classic Billy Wilder, but a nice spin on the romance film. Gary Cooper plays a womanizer who is as wild as the newspapers say he is, and Audrey Hepburn plays an innocent and sweet woman who falls in love with him.It does mix a few things up, first off its the girl who is infatuated with the guy. In order to keep him interested, she plays it aloof and frauds her way to his heart by pretending to have many male suitors.The only complaint is the running time, lots of scenes seem pulled apart and stretched for as long as possible. They easily could have made a few extra cuts to shorten the film, and it seems to drag.The ending is perfect and the characters developed nicely. I enjoyed it.

Private U (gb) wrote: I feel the film had aged quite badly, though it was about people settling back into everyday life following the war, which would have been a familiar theme for audiences at the time. Everything about it is very basic- there's no exciting action and although there's a mystery surrounding a tenant there's very little build up of tension.

shishir a (es) wrote: i wanted to see such movie...