Bonnie and Hillary are two young lost souls who meet one day and discover that they get along. They talk about their lives and run around and and keep getting really excited. Their day escalates into an eruption of violence and rage that can only be understood by the two girls.

Hillary and Bonnie meet one morning by the side of the road. They become fast friends, share their secrets, and on a rising wave of frenzy later that afternoon, murder an old woman. They did it, they say later, for fun. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg R (au) wrote: This movie will steal your heart. Freaking brilliant! One Love !!!!!

Anthony M (it) wrote: I loved this movie, I got to see it as the QUAD cinema here in NYCThe acting was amazing and the storyline is really powerfulIt was awesome! Especially Michelle Laurent, she brought such great energy to the role! I recommend it highly!

Roy P (gb) wrote: ok film but the other side of it was good

Marta R (ru) wrote: Boring.. never went anywhere with the storyline...

Giuseppe P (ru) wrote: Il film che ha ispirato Kill Bill. Suzuki si evolve andando al di l del cinema di genere e facendo un abile remake di se stesso. Una storia di sicari dove evidenziata al meglio la visionariet giapponese.

Kade C (us) wrote: Arguably the most powerful war film ever produced. An intense, gritty, realistic style film that leaves you feeling so many emotions by the end you can never forget it. The performances are also near perfect for what you want in a war film, plenty of character development. Saving Private Ryan will go down in cinematic history as one of the best war films, and one of Spielberg's finest directorial outings.

Jameson W (mx) wrote: Judi Dench was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

Spencer B (es) wrote: This movie is also great.

Matt W (ca) wrote: A bunch of hilarious skits sewn together flawlessly. I definitely need to see this one again.

Marlee S (ru) wrote: I don't know why everyone is being so harsh on this movie, this made me laugh more than anything. Obviously some of the side characters were terrible i.e the drug dealer but otherwise these chicks are hilarious omg.

Ted W (gb) wrote: Hilarious and stupid movie, a FBI agent who turns into big mama, a new identity. Martin Lawrence is great, I just know that this is going to be a trilogy. Ok movie.

Jan W (it) wrote: My favourite movie. Well, more precisely: I love movies because of Forrest Gump. I personally do not think that the movie has a problematic message, but a unique charm and overall great optimism.

Rebecca S (de) wrote: Not a bad first effort. Josh Radnor, you are no Zach Braff (and I mean that as a compliment)!

Chucky (jp) wrote: April 1st 2011June 12th 2013

Adam A (de) wrote: As most modern parodies goes, "Superfast!" doesn't stand out even by a quarter of a mile, but at least it can bring out the laughs if you take it for what it is and if you are highly aware of the franchise it spoofs.