Fun chin see oi

Fun chin see oi


Kiki, a sexy and charming OL, will be married to hr cop boyfriend Sean in a week. During the hen night, Kiki encounters a handsome photographer named Jack and falls head over heels for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt E (es) wrote: Just saw this in the theater! Had no idea it was going to be a sort of rebuttal to Gasland. But wow, what a thrill ride. And for a doc, it moved really well, the pacing was spot on. Nice blend of humor, uncomfortable awkward moments when people are caught lying, confrontation and the despair of those affected without exploiting their position. Please go and give this film a show - especially if you saw Gasland!

Jade T (jp) wrote: Doesn't seem like my type of movie

Lee M (kr) wrote: Blethyn and Kouyat (C) inhabit and expand the film's earnestly instructive intentions, leaving us with a deeply-felt experience rather than a naively-sketched lesson.

Martin Al A (gb) wrote: Reminded me of Power Rangers. Not the greatest.

Rose L (nl) wrote: Annoyed for the most part but a couple of the comedians were genuinely funny. Sort of reminded me of the mindset of some of my family.

Katriina M (de) wrote: Very good movie about friendship.

Yi Fan Y (mx) wrote: the third movie was better... :P interesting all the same...

Alexis G (nl) wrote: Though beautifully filmed and well acted... Australia cant help but feel unnecessary and excessively long for a story that tries to captivate audiences and ends up being a "Nice Try".

Mantvydas J (kr) wrote: a movie that fills you with good emotions :)

Lakin G (ca) wrote: "Well my Marsha's vigina is solid 24k gold"

Gavin P (kr) wrote: I'm not sure hwy this is such a cherished rom-com! It has no back story, is quite repetitive and you don't particularly care if Grant & MacDowell end up together - why does he even love her in the first place? Some funny moments, but definitely needed more Atkinson. Not fun or exciting enough - not worth a re-watch!

Shawn W (br) wrote: Lowbrow teen sex comedy about five horny guys at Taft & Adams High who spend an inordinate amount of time developing schemes to see school beauty Purity Busch topless. Laughs are very few and far between and has a void of likeable characters.

Ian T (br) wrote: Brilliant movie. Dark humour and a great performance by Peter Sellers.

Nefer 1 (kr) wrote: Vraiment pas pire petit film !!!

Ville H (ag) wrote: Kovia nyttelijit ja aika hyvin rakennettu tarina. Ei aavistustakaan kuka on Antoine Fuqua, mutta ohjasi hyvin.

Cai S (gb) wrote: Was actually properly funny XD

Kerby H (nl) wrote: Kind of an interesting story.

Austin G (nl) wrote: I would have preferred they did the same movie a third time in a row.