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Fun Size

Wren is invited to a Halloween party by her crush, Aaron Riley, but she is also forced by her mother to take her oddball little brother Albert with her when she goes out trick-or-treating on Halloween. When she goes to the party instead, she loses him and must find him before her mother finds out.

The movie follows a sarcastic high school senior, Wren, who is eager to distance herself from her dysfunctional family by going off to college. But before it happens, she has to babysit her brother, who disappears into a sea of trick-or-treaters. Now Wren is obliged to track down him before her mother finds out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anand J (fr) wrote: The movie is a thriller with a good load of suspense. Bharath the lead had acted very well with his disturbed mental state going through the post accident life. Though the story is similar to many films we have seen before, the director had handled it well and given due credit to characters. Though the villain character is not established well and his motives, its a one time worth watch.

James O (fr) wrote: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams really doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets. Sure, it's really not a good film at all. The entire set IS just a field with some tents, but Tim Sullivan justifies this because now its Maniacs on Wheels! That's right, now they host a traveling jamboree that's located in Iowa. The original title for this was 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillies, and I'm sure the plot was also completely different. The plot here is that the sheriff of the town next to Pleasant Valley tells the townfolk that they cannot have their annual "Guts and Glory" Centennial due to the fact that the FBI are all over the sheriff about the disappearances of Northerners. The town, led by Mayor Buckman, react to this by treating the sheriff to a good ole fashioned barrel roll (as seen in H. G. Lewis's original Two Thousand Maniacs!). They then decide, instead of waiting for the North to come to the South, they decide to bring the South to the North! So a select few of the 2001 maniacs hop aboard a bus (?) and travel to Iowa, where the film crew of a TV series about dumb bimbos traveling the country visit them. Mass carnage ensues. Going into this film, I did not have high expectations. I merely checked it out because it was a sequel to the remake of Two Thousand Maniacs! However, the film both surprised and delighted me. The barrel roll is a good in-joke among fans, and genre-vet Bill Moseley is actually a good choice to play Mayor Buckman. Besides the barrel roll, probably the funniest kill is the Abe Lincoln one. This film even has an Obama joke! It's pretty fun all around, and you can do a whole lot worse with your evening. Plus, it's available to watch instantly on Netflix! Just go in setting your expectations REALLY low.

Dryorophus (fr) wrote: Pretty funny movie, in the same spirit as all other teenagemovies

Adam F (kr) wrote: It's basically Christmas Carol without the Christmas.

Sheila C (gb) wrote: Visually stunning documentary featuring breathtaking aerial photography and narration by actress Nia Vardalos on the geographical, architectural, political, and artistic influences of ancient Greece.

Dylan M (nl) wrote: The book was so so so much better.

jwasu r (mx) wrote: battle rappin' via 18th century France.

Eric H (nl) wrote: This movie has Pee-Wee humping a woman, making sexual innuendos and possibly losing his virginity. It's not a good movie, though it does have the occasional laugh. Kids might like it, chances are adults won't.

Vadim D (ru) wrote: Pretty awesome as far as early science fiction goes. The story is not unique in any way, but the film brought an aesthetic that many sci-fi productions still copy today.

Lori B (nl) wrote: I now know where Joel Schumacher got his set design ideas. This film is pure pomp and camp, filled with gaudy spectacle sets and costumes that dwarf and overwhelm the players. Ms. Dietrich is not quite believable as the Ingenue in the first half of the film, but she sparkles with jaded sex appeal in the second half, and you know why she was a star of stars. From a 21st century perspective, this film seems like a bizarre melding of David Lynch and Mel Brooks. But it's pretty clear that Mel Brooks got a lot of his ideas from watching Josef von Sternberg's movies. I mean, here is a 1934 film with clocks featuring animatronic flashing ladies instead of cuckoos, when an Empress makes he point by banging an animal bone instead of her scepter. Ridiculous, campy, weird, funny, epic. What a strange and yet supremely wonderful mix.

Faisal A (us) wrote: Flashy, raunchy and schlocky, Basic Instinct is classic nineties noir for which Verhoeven's overblown direction and Stone's exposure secured a place in movie history. It's time we stopped snickering about it and admit to its status as a modern classic. A prime example of Hollywood craftsmanship.

Devon W (mx) wrote: Short and sweet. Helen Hunt was a hottie, and the movie is total 80's sci-fi cheese. Perfect rubbish.

Jim D (fr) wrote: Flags a bit in the second half, but overall it's an original comedy with more than its fair share of quotable lines and laughs.