Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick and Jane

After Dick Harper loses his job at Globodyne in an Enron-esque collapse, he and his wife, Jane, turn to crime in order to handle the massive debt they now face. Two intelligent people, Dick and Jane actually get pretty good at robbing people and even enjoy it -- but they have second thoughts when they're reminded that crime can hurt innocent people. When the couple hears that Globodyne boss Jack McCallister actually swindled the company, they plot revenge.

After Dick Harper loses his job at Globodyne in an Enron-esque collapse, he and his wife, Jane, turn to a life of crime to make ends meet as they become upscale suburban Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor... namely themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phenyeia O (gb) wrote: Great documentary and from all my favorite actors/actress

Kirsten A (de) wrote: A few good laughs and a decent storyline.

Greg W (es) wrote: ok brit gangster pic check out early sean connery

John D (es) wrote: Easy going though mostly inane comedy. The leads are amiable, and Lucille Ball has some funny moments, including a drunk scene that is reminiscent of her famous Vitameatavegamin bit from I Love Lucy. Some choice quips in the beginning before the plot peters out and becomes overlong. Don't miss the Ethel Smith organ numbers, which are tons of fun.

Orion W (fr) wrote: This was the first film with an all Black cast, and for what it is, its pretty good. But its obvious that this is nothing more than a showcase of African American talent. Not to say thats a bad thing, far from it, it was about time they got their due credit, but they deserved a better script. The story isn't bad, but its really only there to connect the musical numbers.Bill Robinson plays Bill Williamson, and he gives us a quite a good bit of dancing throughout. This is it first and only leading role in a film and it was also his last film appearance, so I guess you could say he went out on a high note. He deserved a better movie career, and should be remember with folks like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly as one of the best dancers on screen.Lena Horne plays Selina Rogers, and she stole the show IMO. Beautiful and elegant, She did a bit of dancing, but her singing was the real high point of the movie. She really deserved alot more leading roles, too bad the times really wouldn't allow it. She really only starred in 2 films, This one and Cabin in The Sky (1943), nearly everything else she was in were small scenes in musicals. She was cast in these parts because they could edit her scene out of the film for distribution in the prejudice South. She deserved better, and in a perfect world she would have recieved better I garauntee that.Dooley Wilson played Gabe Tucker, Bill's best friend who was always spending more money than he had trying to look like a big shot with the ladies. He was pretty good here, but he will always be remembered as Sam from Casablanca. I can't help but wonder what his career would have been like if black entertainers were viewed as equals instead of as second fiddles to the white entertainers.Everyone else played themselves, and they really kicked ass doing what they did best. The Nicholas Brothers really stand out though, their complicated "Jumpin' Jive" dance number was absolutely amazing, and unbelieveably, they did it all in one take! Now that is talent! Katherine Dunham and her dancers had a nice ballet-like number that I can't help but think may have influenced Gene Kelly's famous ballet numbers in On The Town (1948), An American in Paris (1951), and Singin' In The Rain (1952). It was cool to see Cab Calloway in all his glory, like many people the only other thing I've seen him in was The Blues Brothers, and that only captured a bit of how great a showman he was, he really goes all out here. Fats Waller and Ada Brown were excellent together, its a shame Fats died of pneumonia only 5 months after this film came out, we might have seen more of him in films if he had lived.A great showcase of African American talent, but they deserved a better story. This would be absolutely stomped by MGM's Cabin In The Sky that same year.