Funny People

Funny People

Famous and wealthy funnyman George Simmons doesn't give much thought to how he treats people until a doctor delivers stunning health news, forcing George to reevaluate his priorities with a little help from aspiring stand-up comic Ira.

George (Adam Sandler), who is a monologue comedian, is a victim of the deadly blood cancer. Meanwhile, Ira is a different monologue comedian, who is not famous. One night, two of them perform on the same stage, then George hires Ira to work as an assistant as well as a friend of him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Titanoboa was so unbelievably interesting and sort of creepy. It's crazy to think there was a snake out there that big!

Laure E (mx) wrote: Une comdie sympathique :)

Marcos V (ag) wrote: la antitesis de american pie, es completamente al reves la idea de aquella , es divertida pero se cae al final porque como es el cliche se pone toda oa, pero tiene algunas cosas a rescatar

Toni G (kr) wrote: the best things about this movie was the hot guys and that they brought back Corey Feldman

Stefan C (fr) wrote: This movie was absolutely brilliant! It felt like a expose of an underclass of people (Palestinians), showing thier real and beautiful humanity, camaraderie, and moral strength in a life of destitute. It reminded me of the late 1800's photos of the underclass in NYC, exposing the raw inequalities in a society. This inequality, of course is helped perpetuated with American (my) Tax dollars. I saw this at the 1st Boston Palestinian Film Festival.

Steven W (nl) wrote: As a fan of his first two films, I'd like to start this review with...fuck you Rob Zombie! This recently movie is shameful. Where should I start: the worthless characters? The boring plot? I think the worse part of this all was the editing. Shake cams and double scene action with no real substance. Give up already. This had none of what made your early work so great. The only one redeeming factor was Doom-Head. Final thoughts: a washed up director who should just give up already. *yawns*

Julie R (de) wrote: Excellent Flm - Very Dark.

Rob A (ru) wrote: A classic comedy!! Definitely one of Mike Myers best! Great characters!

Jason D (gb) wrote: During the first couple of years of the 90's, a few films managed to slip through that embodied the corniness and over-the-top aesthetics of 80's horror cinema. Pledge Night is one of these films. Looking like a poor man's Animal House, Pledge Night starts off with a group of young pledges hoping to make it through rigorous "Hell Week" hazing from their elder brothers in the fraternity. This film is all over the place and can be a true test to watch for certain people. The first 45 minutes (to the dot!) of this film are comprised of hazing scene after hazing scene after hazing scene. Character build-up is completely thrown out the window in favor of low brow humor and titties/sexual deviancy galore (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). After that, it's as if the movie realizes that it has just wasted 45 minutes and makes and effort to start killing off as many people as possible before time runs out, first, by a fellow student, and then out of nowhere, a crazed 60's hippy ghost with Freddy Krueger looks and one-liners (no, I'm not kidding). If you were paying attention in the first 45 minutes, you;ll remember they briefly discussed a student dying from a hazing incident in that house some years back, however, there isn't much storyline or plot development to have you believe his ghost would appear to kill everyone. I guess what I'm trying to say is this film totally caught me by surprise. It was moronic and stupid and completely over-the-top, but it was also entertaining and funny as hell because of those attributes. Honestly, I'm shocked as hell this film got away with so much nudity and violence, especially in a time when the MPAA was starting to get censor happy with films. The biggest "star" in this film may be the doomed hippy (not the killer hippy), played by Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna, whose band also supplies the music for this film!!! Oh joy! By my standards, this film is the definition of a classic for me. It desperately needs to be put on DVD. Great film.

Corey C (mx) wrote: Fine, twisty Mamet goodness; his first film, as a matter of fact, and smart as you could expect.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Night School is about a motorcycle helmet-wearing maniac that goes around killing off hot female students by decapitating their heads and placing it in water as a means of cleaning out evil spirits. Boston detectives Leonard Mann and Joseph R. Sicari are on the case and it leads them to the all-girls university the victims attending and is narrowed down even more so to one particular class where a womanizing Anthropology professor spends his time teaching tribal rituals and sleeping with the students, namely his assistant, the beautiful but not so talented Rachel Ward (she DOES have some nice nudie scenes in this though). It doesn't take a genius to figure out who the killer is. In fact, only a moron could NOT figure out who the killer is, and once the setup begins, you'll figure out the climatic twist right away as well. There's a good amount of blood and kills, though most of them are ho-hum. I will say the kill within the confines of an aquarium was pretty interesting and the overly drawn out murder reveal within the diner was comical, but other than that, this is a standard slasher. Definitely worth a watch for all of you avid horror fans. This could stand to have a DVD release. Hopefully, some day that would happen, because I would buy it.

MEC r (nl) wrote: I didn't like this film.