San Francisco sketch comedy performer drops out to get some life perspective.

San Francisco sketch comedy performer drops out to get some life perspective. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Funnyman torrent reviews

Jakub P (nl) wrote: It was more interesting that the live action for me

Nadim K (de) wrote: Not every body will like these kind of movies but I really like them...

Joyse H (ca) wrote: While it's not the greatest movie it is a good chick flick and worth watching specially if you want to see all the Greek scenery and all the beautiful architecture. Some of the men are not hard on this woman's eyes!! Lol!!

Camille L (ca) wrote: Il aura fallu attendre le 3 pour que les scenaristes et realisateurs comprennent qu'avec un sujet pareil, le seul moyen de faire un bon film, ce n'est pas d'essayer d'en faire un bon. Juste essayer d'etre original et d'etre sympathique. Pari reussi pour un film un peu trop long, mais sacrement sympathique et attachant.

Ian R (nl) wrote: I tried to sit through this but it was SOOOOOOOO slow. Seriously the entire movie is Billy Dee gets a team together and they kill a drug maker. There is no reason for this to be 2hr14min. Cut out 45 minutes at LEAST and then maybe, but GAWD it was BORING. And I love me my blaxsploitation too...

Elena S (ca) wrote: g0ddamnit. Why they broke one of my favourite superhero c0mic through this m0vie? Actually , this c0uld be a g0od m0vie, and funny, just as in the c0mic- but the story was too boring , with the slow (very slow) plot and lame. I like lucky luke. Unf0rtunately, thanks to this m0vie that distract 0ne of my favorite c0mic. It c0uld have been better if the rival were f0ur br0ther dalt0n.

JamesMasaki R (es) wrote: From his debut film, Nicholas Ray showed that he was already a bonafide master of cinema. The classic "They Live By Night" is a film noir without the trenchcoats and hats, but closer to the heart of the south. But there are still the femme fatales, the outlaws, guns, violence, and darkness. And how can you not like Farley Granger? Even as a bad guy in the leading role. Probably the best runaway fugitive noir, after the "criminally" underrated "Gun Crazy"

Rosetta W (kr) wrote: Michelle Williams plays her part very well as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe had a very messed up life and this movie really paints an excellent portrait of it, if this really is the true story. I was expecting more detail though.

Anthony C (kr) wrote: The one that really started it all. Even parodying parodies, Scary Movie is regularly a good bit of fun, but also really annoying.

John K (jp) wrote: JJ Abrams = Hack. He couldn't come up with an original idea if his life dependent on it. This movie is a turd. Just has he has destroyed Star Wars he put Star Trek in the toilet along with it.