Furia asesina

Furia asesina


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Wan K (fr) wrote: CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCrazy!!! I'm your father!

Cheryl C (br) wrote: it was ok. no real plot. ending was horrible!

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Students play a mean prank on a classmate that lands her in a coma. Another Fulci film where all the dots don't quite connect but still entertains. Multiple grammatical errors on the film box suggest it was not proofread prior to distribution.

Im El Capitano A (ru) wrote: Hilarious movie! Doris and Jack are fabulous on screen together!!!!!

Anthony T (us) wrote: Nothing special about this remake. Almost a cut and paste copy without the charm that made the original a classic.

Ian J (gb) wrote: A different take on racism. It's decent movie made on a small budget.

Byron B (mx) wrote: Horror icon Vincent Price goes all hammy and over the top. He's not very good at comedy. Frankie Avalon takes all kind of prat falls or causes other characters to do so, but is not really funny either. The movie is filled with all sorts of corny sight gags and slapstick and was a waste of my time.

OJ M (au) wrote: This one has a lot of nuts in it. Just what I like!

Tyson P (de) wrote: rankest movie I have seen in a while