Fury of the Dragon

Fury of the Dragon

Several episodes of the 1966 TV series "The Green Hornet" edited together and released as a feature.

Several episodes of the 1966 TV series "The Green Hornet" edited together and released as a feature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick O (ca) wrote: "Quills" is maybe the first movie in a while I think I like more because of its cluttered handling of big ideas, all the riskier because, if wrongly dealt with, could easily be writ off as towing a tawdry gimmick. All right, you got me, that's bullshit even I can smell a mile away. It's the sort of thing you'll either love because it's a period piece that's also wildly entertaining, or hate because narratively and thematically it's a mess of ambition that keeps pulling out and kidding around when you wish it would go deeper. And those themes read like characters from a Pynchon novel -- tests of faith, hypocrisy of society, positive and negative influences of literature, suffering, the Catholic church, the scrutiny of creating under pressure. ART. And on top of that there's the glorious Geoffrey Rush as the Marquis de Sade, a fucked-up boundary pusher so over-the-top gross he's like a gag run into the ground so many times that circles back and becomes deliriously funny again. "Quills" isn't a perfect movie, but it throws so much out there it's hard not to connect with SOMETHING. Because even centuries ago words had the power to hit us where we live.

Grace L (kr) wrote: recommanded by Mr Lee. want to watch it.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: The film that spawned a generation!!

Tim S (it) wrote: Army of Darkness (or Evil Dead III, if you're so inclined) had the potential to be the worst film in the Evil Dead series. If you really think about it, the story and the ideas contained within could have come off as far too hokey or ridiculous and could have potentially hurt the film's success. Thankfully, they don't. The film is hokey, to be sure, but it's intentional. It's far removed from the original horror classic. Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Robert Tapert, and Bruce Campbell knew exactly what they were doing when they made it. Despite the multiple versions of the film (U.S. Theatrical Cut, Director's Cut, International Cut), the film made a splash with not only fans of the Evil Dead films but of the genre, as well. Does it eclipse Evil Dead I and II? Well no, that's not possible, but it does add to the fun without taking anything away from it. It's a movie I never tire of and it's an absolute blast to watch. By the way, in case you might be wondering, I prefer the U.S. Theatrical Cut. The longer cuts are just too clunky, in my opinion.

Dan B (it) wrote: Frodo and Jax Teller running West Ham's firm, Corr bimey lay off the acid. It's surprisingly entertaining just because it's so daft and far fetched. Hunnam's cockney accent is astonishingly bad though.

Manuel A (br) wrote: Another ugly, campy Australian film. Fun at first but takes a turn for a bit too depressing and a bit too dull.