Two years after the Bosnian civil war, a town that is slowly rebuilding itself must whip together a democracy when it's announced the U.S. President Bill Clinton might be paying a visit.

Two years after the Bosnian civil war, a town that is slowly rebuilding itself must whip together a democracy when it's announced the U.S. President Bill Clinton might be paying a visit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (jp) wrote: lorax is kind of funny and the song that has the once leer in it might i don't know

Luke V (it) wrote: A lot could be said about this movie's plot. It is based on history but its a history that is very light on facts. It does come across as a little anti-mormon but it should be pointed out that the mormon church of today and the mormon church of 1857 are no more the same than the Catholic church of the Inquisition and the Catholic church today. I don't think it is out of the question to say that this movie's arrival coinciding with rumblings of Mitt Romney's political aspirations was intentional on the part of the film makers.However, none of that detracts from what is a fairly good movie. Overall you shouldn't shy away from this based solely on its historical accuracy or your personal religious beliefs... it really has nothing to do with them. If it sparks an interest in history or religious studies then that's great and from there you can draw your own personal conclusions.

Nick S (us) wrote: This old timer is a BAMF

Aleksandra M (ru) wrote: Started watching it, bored me, barely finished it.

Sanity Assassin (br) wrote: a bit of action with some virtually unknown actors. kind of like a cross between a fairy tale and a low budget 70's action movie.... only it's new. also made by an unknown director who's also an unknown actor. alot of unknowns!

Mitchell Y (ru) wrote: A brooding drama that showcases some of Lancaster's most subtle character work.

Tsubaki S (jp) wrote: Like many mexican horror films of the past, it hasn't aged well, still has some good moments, and certainly a lot of good atmosphere. Lucia Mendez and Susan Dosamantes were hot in those days, so that doesn't hurt either.

Matt G (nl) wrote: I'm not sure this era's mixture of immense silliness and patient pacing always hits me the way it does others. However, Brooks most (arguably) acclaimed film is a success because of two things: 1) it takes the stupidity of racism to its furthest extent in order to point out its idiocy, and 2) it is the kind of spoof that is more homage than straight parody, proving Brooks' great love for the genre. And that (literal) 4th-wall-breaking ending is gleeful, punk-rock perfection.

Tim S (de) wrote: Walkabout is Nicolas Roeg's visual-appetizing but low on storytelling film about two young children stranded in the Australian outback with an Aborgine after their father attempts to murder them. I don't want that small comment I made to be taken as a harsh judgment on the film because it's not. This is an art film, pure and simple, and the story takes a backseat a lot of times to allow for visuals and ideas to crop up. It reminded me a lot of Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo, mainly because it takes place mostly in the middle of a desert, but also because of its strong visual sense. The story isn't crystal clear a lot of times and you have to fill in a lot of the details later, but the film works pretty well. I can't think of a real negative thing out of it, other than the fact that the story isn't completely clear (like I said), but if it were just a narrative story, I might have judged it a bit harsher. It's beautiful to look at but don't expect it to provide you with a lot of answers.

Kevin C (nl) wrote: This is such a classic movie. One of the true great insane evil scientist roles. So outrageous its great.

Scott R (de) wrote: A bit dramatic, but the philosophical aspects intrigued.

Andy F (it) wrote: The long drawn out action sequences produce lots of yawns, but in the first half of the film at least, Stallone's bunch of all star heroes and villains give a good account of themselves.