Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Leela becomes an outlaw when she and a group of ecologically-minded feminists attempt to save an asteroid of primitive life forms and the Violet Dwarf star from being destroyed, while Fry joins a secret society and attempts to stop a mysterious species known as the "Dark Ones" from destroying all life in the universe.

Dark forces older than time itself are on the attack, hell-bent on stopping the dawn of a wondrous new green age. Don't you hate when that happens? Even more shocking: Bender's in love with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder torrent reviews

Frances H (gb) wrote: A sweet romance. Jean tripplehorn and Live Screiber were both very good.

Austin M (gb) wrote: La pelicula Pelotero es muy beuna. es sobre el beisbol en la RD. los peloteros les gusta jugar al beisbol. son muy trabajadores y atleticos.

Paulina A (nl) wrote: Was kind of good... Not the best one

Timothy S (fr) wrote: Many people have compared the Australian thriller "The Square" to the best of the Coen Brothers films and I believe the comparison to be valid. The film features an intricate plot that starts out simply enough with a minor crime that snowballs irrevocably out of control, and you become more and more immersed in the story with each new plot twist. Director Nash Edgerton doesn't have the visual panache of his American counterparts, but he knows how to tell a story, slowly and naturally with a gradual escalation of tension. The acting is serviceable, but this film isn't about the acting. There are no stand-out performances, and none were needed. It's the script that pulls you in, and the sheer joy of watching these people dig themselves in deeper and deeper. The surprises never let up, as Edgerton is not content to let his film grow stagnant, and it builds to an utterly earth-shattering conclusion that I never saw coming. It was co-written by the director's brother Joel, who is quickly becoming a very popular actor stateside, and judging from this he'll have a fine backup career behind the camera if the acting thing doesn't work out for him. Even when things start to spiral hopelessly into chaos, the picture never loses its sense of realism, and as crazy as things get, it never feels farfetched or out of the realm of possibility. That is the key that keeps the film grounded and accessible. And unlike a lot of its American equivalents, it doesn't resort to a lot of unnecessarily bloody violence. "The Square" relies strictly in the confidence of its story to be successful, and while it doesn't quite join the ranks of "Blood Simple" or the like, it's a very entertaining noir all the same.

Calvin R (jp) wrote: Point-less sequel just about more mind-less teens running around like a bunch of horn dogs. Wait they are Horn dogs. Anyway skip this one if I were you.

Angela M (fr) wrote: it is very funny and sweet.

Michael H (nl) wrote: Nothing good to say about this film. Poorly acted, badly shot, lame ending, no decent action.

Daryl V (jp) wrote: An enjoyable, gay romp... with an important message.

Justin A (au) wrote: Very disjointed writing, very dated look, and very nostalgic. I can understand why I loved it as a kid and I still enjoyed it today. I don't know how well young audiences can relate to this movie, but as a child of the 80s and 90s I enjoyed it still.

Elgan D (es) wrote: Some interesting ideas somewhat wasted by a overzealously paced plot and questionable acting from the late wrestling icon, the end result being something of a farce.

Ben R (br) wrote: Critics are crazy. This movie is awsome

Kim B (gb) wrote: Now at this point many of them either have,solid careers or are trying to find one. The one homeless man again is so interesting. I don't particularly like how they interview him and think some of the questions are quite rude...are u mad like wtf. Anyways I'm glad he has reconciled with his parents and seems less angry. Some of the characters have kids now. Fascinating to see them all changed and most of them have really matured into adults by this point. Some have refused to continue on with the program unfortunately but it's their choice.

Janet Zahra W (us) wrote: Go to imdb and it will tell you information on this film. Not bad

Darwin D (ag) wrote: It's a funny movie but only good for one time

Nipurn G (de) wrote: Brilliant storyline. One of the most different and thoughtful movies. They should make more movies like this.

The Movie G (kr) wrote: A great summer coming of age film to watch, the acting and story is terrific