Future Force

Future Force

In the future, a cop protects a reporter from an organization of crooked, renegade cops who thinks she knows too much about them.

In the future, a cop protects a reporter from an organization of crooked, renegade cops who thinks she knows too much about them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (de) wrote: Surprisingly funny film. What is also a surprise is that Will Forte did not forge a career as a pretty funny film actor after this, at least I've not seen him in any other main comedy roles.

Jonah R (jp) wrote: I'm just SAD that I saw this terrible movie.

KJ P (br) wrote: With more memorable characters, dancing I actually care about, and an overall better plot that the first film, "Step Up 2: The Streets" is nothing groundbreaking, but you can have a lot of fun with it. These first two films in the series are hated by critics, and I can see why, but I find these films to be huge guilty pleasures. It is almost as if these characters pass over the torch at the beginning of each film. Channing Tatum knows the main character and motivates her to make the decisions she makes throughout this film, and a side character who you come to love will be followed in the next film as he passes on the torch. I admire these aspects and it makes the films feel fresher than they should be. If you are going into any of these films hoping for an incredible story then you are looking in the wrong place. No, not even I would call this a good film, but I enjoy the hell out of it. "Step Up 2: The Streets" has awesome dancing, which is what the first film lacked, but not much different of a story, so it is barely a step up, no pun intended. If you can forgive cliches, you may just have a blast.

Tiffany W (fr) wrote: am not that interested

Zach T (fr) wrote: A surprisingly cute and funny movie. Admittedly when "Bump and Grind" started to play, I completely lost my shit.

Thomas K (mx) wrote: A terrific little B film that sets out to do a very specific thing and does it very well.

Angela K (it) wrote: An okay movie about two childhood friends who reconnect through their love of hip-hop. It was nice to see a young Taye Diggs... A watchable movie... Not deep... No dancing.

Robert B (kr) wrote: Ugetsu is difficult to rate but I do rate it up on account the storytelling. The story is engaging and believable. None of the other aspects of the film stood out, but then again they were done well enough that I could get involved with the story and characters and not notice.

Nell A (kr) wrote: How anyone can not love the Stargate franchise is beyond me.

Sean W (ru) wrote: I loved the first film. It's a cult classic. But like me, if anyone else loved the original film, it may take you a while to realise how absolutely dreadful this pointless sequel is. It has a nonsensical plot, no characters, dreadful acting, dreadful music, dreadful script, no scary moments. It is an abomination.The film involves the town of Gatlin being discovered, the children rescued and fostered by the adults of neighbouring town Hemingford. Then somehow, He Who Walks Behind The Rows possesses Micah - this sequel's terminally constipated-looking excuse for Isaac - and the children begin their cult again.COTC II is just plain offensive. The plot shares less in common with Stephen King than it does with a particularly violent episode of Home and Away. Lead actor Terence Knox doesn't seem to be concentrating on his acting skills, and seems to be directing every ounce of his attention to not moving a single facial muscle in his skull. Paul Scherrer on the other hand simply looks like he's on a special day out.Where the first film brilliantly explores the isolation of the victims from the rest of the world, its first sequel offers nothing more than a clueless slasher movie, with the soap opera moments hastily strung together by too-stupid-to-be-funny death sequences involving ridiculous characters that deserve everything they get.One can easily understand why Stephen King does everything in his power nowadays to disassociate himself with the Children of the Corn franchise. If this first offering is anything to go by, God only knows the stream of grime that followed in the other five sequels.You can actually simulate watching this film at no expense by sitting in front of a blank TV screen and repeatedly poking a finger in each eye for an hour and a half.

Marky L (nl) wrote: Nothing new here but entertaining.