Future to Bright Hai Ji

Future to Bright Hai Ji


A small-town couple tries hard to make it big in Mumbai. After struggling for long, an astrologer finally predicts that their life will indeed change for the better in 7 days. Does the foretold future come true? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Future to Bright Hai Ji torrent reviews

Brian A (ru) wrote: Who knew hot dogs saved the world?!

Cherie M (fr) wrote: Funny and different...not the usual Hollywood schlock.

Bhoomi M (es) wrote: this following movie is not that good of a movie. Not a good movie

Ted W (kr) wrote: Ok weird movie starring Lindsay lohan and it's about a girl and her mom switch body's and then it gets sad then they switch back to there regular body's.

Manuel R (de) wrote: Comedia de humor negro, divertida si no te pones exigente con las incoherencias y localismos espaoles.Hay momentos donde parece un sketch cmico de programa nocturno.

Mark S (nl) wrote: Lol, found this movie by accident. They say it's a cult classic. Remember the guy from "The Hogan's" tv series, and "Teen Win, Lose, or Draw? Well he's the main character in this funny comedy horror. Lol if you like 80's Metal this is a good one. Ozzy and Gene play funny roles in this one also. But it was rather b rated.

Mark D (gb) wrote: This was a pretty lame movie except for Catherine Bach's surprise appearance! It was funny at times and had the potential to be good as at times there was good chamraderi between the characters, but in the end it failed on all counts.

Martin T (kr) wrote: Two men scheme to expose the flaws of capital punishment by influencing a murder investigation with fake circumstantial evidence. It's a premise similar to The Life of David Gale, and equally ludicrous. It does have some surprises, but they're even more absurd than the way I expected it to go. Dana Andrews pretty much sleepwalks through his part, and like most of Lang's noir, the direction is far too workmanlike. Lang's last American picture is one of his biggest duds. There's just no spark here.

Shantel D (br) wrote: Kinda funny, as far as this kinda movie goes.

Steve C (gb) wrote: Visually impressive, script muddled from time to time. Overall definitely worth watching for Scott's spectacle.

Curtis B (ca) wrote: Great to see one of my favorite actors and one of the most underrated actors, Ed norton, play a different role. De Niro, however was very bland. I liked the idea of the story but it could've been more fully developed. The score was incredible but the editing was lacking: some scenes seemed irrelevant, while important transitional scenes were missing.