Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow

Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow


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Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow torrent reviews

Kelly S (us) wrote: This movie is fantastic! If I was a parent, I would want my kid to see this over and over again. It's about never, ever giving up and always trying to be the best that you can be, and when you have given your best, give more. I love Pete Rose, I am so very lucky to not only know him but to have grown up watching him play baseball. I played softball competitively for 18 years and he was a giant influence on me and my playing. I think the next generation is missing out on him and they are lacking in "hustle". I LOVED this movie and you will too!!! I love you Petey!! Kelly

Marilee A (gb) wrote: I love History, I love a peek behind the curtain too.I don't know how much of this is embellished, but I love seeing the humanity behind the two world powers talking to each other like old friends, without formality, and not concise of the fact they had just met.I had the occasion to spend time with Bill Murray and his brothers in June 1987 at an after bar party in Mpls, and came away underwhelmed by his humor in person. I never thought of him as this convincing an Actor, he was superb in this

WS W (au) wrote: Didn't aware it was a film for innocent children.

Ole J (ru) wrote: Well I didn't knew Dirt could be so interesting, its an interesting look at dirt and how different cultures either respect and uses it, or they don't.

Jacob P (kr) wrote: More please! One of the greatest Independent comic-book titles of all times..made into too many video-games to count (neolithic DOOM)...and finally an animated movie. I still have my Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comics from Valiant. It would be awesome is the did a Solar: Man of the Atom animated feature...word!

Johann M (ag) wrote: :) para premio OSCAR, para premio OSCAR! XD

Rebecca S (ru) wrote: what can i say about this movie i no its a dam good ass movie . i love it

Natalia N (jp) wrote: ????? ???????????, ???????. ???????????.

Al P (br) wrote: anyone seen my heating pad?///

Aaron B (us) wrote: Best gay monkey in a film EVER!Monkey PLEASE!

Jairo A (us) wrote: Beverly Hills Ninja is a similar movie to Spy Hard, The Naked Gun movies, Let's Be Cops, etc...so yes, it is a silly comedy! Chris Farley is hilarious in some parts and I think this comedy still holds up to this day. Are there better comedies out there? Yes, I think so but it's still a fun watch if you enjoy silliness in movies and if you like Chris Farley. 3/5 or 6/10 GOOD

Thorin M (ca) wrote: This is the first time i realized music could be so GOOD. This is the dvd that actually started me heavy into music. When i watched these performances by Nirvana and heard their raw power, they became my favourite band, and i ahd never loved one bands music more than this until Nirvana Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!. If not for this dvd, i would'nt be the same person i am today.

Eugene K (fr) wrote: Holy Christ this was bad but oh so enjoyable. Hilariously awful.

Michael A (br) wrote: This movie is so bad that its just laughable. A woman gets raped by construction workers (with no explanation) but is then avenged by a motorcycle helmet wearing psycho with a nail gun and a Darth Vader voice who starts picking off the construction workers one by one (and some people who were not involved). Its just a poorly made slasher movie that for what its worth garners some laughs. Especially the way the deaths are done. For example: One of the rapers gets shot by the Nail Gunner and the then falls onto a nearby grill and fries to death. But in the scene you can see the guy falling forward on the grill and then pushes himself up with his hand, even though he is already dead. Priceless! But all in all this is a bad movie experience you will never forget..or want to forget.

Brendon W (us) wrote: If I ain't got my training shoes I ain't Fackin' going!Daltrey and Faith, classic Brit flick

Allan C (fr) wrote: Inner-city African American take on "American Graffiti" stands up as being just as good as Lucas' film. However, I have to say that I like John Milius' nostalgic surfer film "Big Wednesday" best of all the 1970s baby boomer nostalgic-look-back films. And interestingly enough, just like "American Graffiti", this film was retooled into a TV sitcom, "What's Happening!!".

Orlok W (fr) wrote: A hugely enjoyable William Castle horror classic--Still fun and scary even fifty years later!!

Samantha S (kr) wrote: Another one that I wanted to like more than I did.

Lee W (au) wrote: Interesting at the very least. Not as bad as people here say it is.

Fadwa T (us) wrote: A fantastic movie revealing an insight into people with Bipolad Disorder. its very Sensitive& realistic story. love it