Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now!

Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now!


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Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now! torrent reviews

Phil H (us) wrote: Kinda based on the American TV show but ultimately kinda not. Characters left out, new ones in, different ethnicity for the one member and turning one regular into the baddie. Kinda makes you wonder why they bother adapting these old shows if they're gonna change most of it. Luckily (amazingly) this film hasn't suffered too badly and is pretty much a stand alone action film, old TV show left by the wayside.When this was first brought up I instantly thought it would be crapola, just a weak timid action flick that would probably border on comedy. Much to my surprise the film is an out n out serious fast paced cop flick, more serious in terms of realism than say...'Lethal Weapon', but with less of the comedy.I think we can all guess its a film about a tough highly skilled elite team of cops, and this being a modern flick the testosterone is through the roof!. The clearly unfit Samuel L. Jackson leads a team consisting of Farrell, Rodriguez (again in another crack team of tough nuts), LL Cool J and two other faceless guys. In all honesty I think the team could have been better cast with better character actors from the 80's action genre, why we have to put up with these ex-rap/hip-hop stars with stupid names I don't know. The plot is sort of obvious but not completely, you'd expect the usual last stand type ordeal with a team but the film shows some imagination. The main bad guy spends most of his time cuffed with cops which is a brave move, the good guys tend to be always trying to gain the upper hand and never really in control and of course there is betrayal, which spices things up. Its not exactly hard to predict but it plays out a little differently than most cookie cutter action films.What is different is the fact half the film shows this team training, and what is shown looks pretty realistic I gotta say. Lots of skilled combat/hostage training with your cliched yet highly polished Top Gun-esq over the top camaraderie and macho showboating with liberal splashes of gun porn. It all looks slick sexy and makes you wanna run down to the local cop recruitment centre and get shooting. Oh those boys in blue do look handsome in their nice perfectly fitting uniforms and actionman body armour.The film isn't really very violent, it hints at some strong stuff, you just don't see it. I do tend to think that the film might have been much cooler had it been an all out adult film, bit more gritty and a bit less glossy perhaps. But in general its a solid action flick that you can easily enjoy without ever knowing the old TV show ever existed.

Michael H (us) wrote: Mark of the Witch (Another) is a long and painful 76 minutes that, had it played out at normal speed with a little less padding, it could have made for a fun short or episode of a horror anthology. As it is, it's slow, unnecessarily weird and cheap looking, with the wide-eyed central performance from Paulie Rojas the only thing worth sitting through it for. All credit to writer/director Jason Bognacki for trying to do something different to the watered-down childish nonsense that makes up most of mainstream horror at the moment but mimicking Dario Argento when you clearly don't have the resources or enough of a finished film to do it properly means you're left with an off-kilter horror movie that mainstream audiences won't get and those in the know won't care for.

Kevin M (jp) wrote: A great comic book adaptation that clearly establishes one of the most important elements of the Batman mythos: Gotham City. In this movie Gotham becomes a character on its own, with corruption and impunity on every corner, the perfect setting for a vigilante dressed as a Bat. Although the main character is not only Batman but James Gordon as well, both trying to clean Gotham on their own way and with their own resources. Ultimately this is a great animation with a solid new origin for Batman and Gordon that contains universal themes, such as corruption, impunity and injustice, that's what makes it so appealing. Special Mention to the Showcase: Catwoman short film which was also great.

Kaushal S (us) wrote: not an outstanding movie..or wat u hv never seeen lik bfre..but still watchable..wid some gud prformaces & nice music..deepika is kool..n neil is keep improvin.....watch out for othr actors too...who well supported the lead actors...

Stasi M (de) wrote: This was really good - a wonderful portrayal of female struggles and shortcomings.

Natalie O (es) wrote: A really bad TV movie, but a good idea

Michael V (ca) wrote: I had to look past the DVD false advertising cover and the first few minutes of Jorge Ameer, the writer, director and producers disrespecting pictures from the Holocaust to finally find what, The Singing Forest was really about. It's a very low budget film, has a handful of actors, bad lighting, terrible script [at times] and films the same background scenes over and over again. It wasn't a complete loss. There is a redeeming quality to this film and with all it's faults and failures this movie still proved to be somewhat entertaining!

Michael S (it) wrote: Cheesy 80s vigilante flick, but has some good NYC location shooting. Always a plus.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Terrifically fun second film written and directed by Billy Wilder. Wilder quickly established himself as a versatile writer/director by following up his successful comedy "The Major and the Minor" with a tight, suspenseful WWII thriller about a lone allied soldier who discovers five secret caches of German supplies scattered across the county to conquer Egypt. Erich von Stroheim plays Field Marshal Rommel and is a terrific villain for the film. For a director who has several undisputed film classics, this one is not in his top tier of films, but Wilder's bar is significantly higher than most filmmakers and this film certainly an above average wartime thriller. Well worth watching!

aldanyh (au) wrote: This is exactly the genre of film I love; a psychological thriller science fiction. I mean this is literally MY genre. I enjoyed 'Moon', 'A.I.', 'The Butterfly Effect' and even other psychological thrillers like 'Mulholland Drive'. I thought I'd love this film, it was recommended to me, the ratings are it is my favourite genre - but I didn't! There wasn't even a specific trigger or thing that put me off it, like me not taking to the lead character or being offended by the nudity. It was just a mediocre film overall. Quite boring. Slow-paced, predictable, storyline not too good, and I found it hard to feel the chemistry between the protagonist and the machine he fell in love with. It was visually impressive but otherwise, dull.

Christian M (gb) wrote: This is a pretty decent movie it's not really bad but not really good either, it's one of those films you watch and go "Ok interesting" after ending it