"An excellent mixture of animation and real film from Rocket Films in 1984, directed by Phil Thrumbo and Steve Segal (which also plays the role of Mutchu, one of Lord Eggheads evil helpers). Segal also programmed the special effects in the endpart (using Commodore 64). The heroes of futuropolis are Captain Garth, Spud, Liutenant Luna and Cosmo. These four space cadets are sent to investigate series of mutations and destructions of peaceful worlds. The brain behind this chaos is Lord Egghead, the inventor of the "mutation ray". Futuropolis is an excellent movie which contains a lot of great animated effects!" - IMDB

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Adam H (br) wrote: An unexpectedly funny action-comedy with a grea- Oh wait, it wasn't a comedy? In that case, Reeves' first directorial effort proves to be a deliriously uneven and unintentionally hilarious wannabe-martial arts movie. Any potentially good action sequences are tripped-over as the movie stumbles its way through a simple story-line that should be impossible to get wrong... but not for Man of Thai Chi - A glorious example of the "so bad it's good" class.

Scott G (it) wrote: This is how melodrama is DONE. Well worth the 4.5 hours.

Harry W (jp) wrote: Harvie Krumpet is a very fascinating story and a very well made film. Director Adam Elliot became the pride of the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) for making this film, and it's understandable why. The themes and messages implored in Harvie Krumpet never become tedious and hold a good message. Harvie Krumpet is also very good looking and well animated, barely showing signs that is in fact claymation because the quality of the figures, setting and animation is excellent.I also appreciated how Harvie Krumpet was a very maturely themed film that dealt with a lot of important ideas, and came out looking prominently great.Harvie Krumpet also tells a story very well and is a prominent display of the talent presented by students of the VCA, but Adam Elliot specifically. I've worked with the VCA previously and it's been a exceptionally good professional experience, and Harvie Krumpet is just a symbol of raw Australian talent. I am now eager to see many other Adam Elliot films.Lastly, i also appreciate the narration done by Geoffrey Rush, who told the story with charm and finesse like Morgan Freeman would.

Felicia C (nl) wrote: Quirky little film. Hirata's bewilderment when he encounters the American tourists in the middle of Iceland is worth the price of the ticket (and the DVD) alone.

Kristin M (ru) wrote: I was really taken away by the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

Max M (au) wrote: The second of author George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman novels (out of a series of twelve) is brought brilliantly and hilariously to life by director Richard Lester (A Hard Day's Night, Petulia, Superman II).Col. Harry Flashman (perfectly played by Malcom MacDowell) is the ultimate anti-hero, being a liar, cheat, a womanizer and an enormous coward, but still manages to land himself into perilous and ultimately history-making adventures and emerge a seeming hero.What makes the books and this film so much fun are the mixing of historical fact with fiction. Here Flashman crosses paths with such historical figures as Lola Montes and Otto Von Bismark, all the while getting into sword fights, near-death scrapes, and an attempted political coup (the story mirrors Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda, a fact which is brought up in the book with a wink and a nudge).Author Fraser (who wrote the scripts for director Lester's Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers films) also wrote the terrific script.

Brett B (it) wrote: American Madness is a brilliant social commentary on... American madness, specifically pertaining to finances in the depression. Capra's first truly realistic film, American Madness is nearly as potent today as it was 77 years ago.

Ada D (au) wrote: Resident Evil ... Paul W.S. Anderson brings another popular record breaking/Historic video game franchise to the big screen. We follow Alice on her journey to learn the truth about the Umbrella Corporation and the deadly man made T-Virus outbreak. First to point out that the plot has been completely changed from the game and the characters are not the same. Alice is a strong and smart female played perfectly by Milla Jovovich. It's action packed and thrilling from beginning to end but that alone couldn't save it from poor execution, a poor script and overall cheesy feel.

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