Fylfot Swordplay

Fylfot Swordplay


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Fylfot Swordplay torrent reviews

Ted W (fr) wrote: Ok, not as good as the lego movie but ok.

Kris V (gb) wrote: Even after having finished and enjoyed the two Yakuza games on PS2, I found this a bit hard to follow at times, but this movie is all about style and over the top cartoon Yakuza action. The best videogame-to-movie adaptation I've ever seen (the locations, fighting sequences and characters looked exactly like they looked in the game) and a great Takashi Miike movie in its own right.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Diane Kruger's boobs are one of the few reasons why I like this one!

Mary H (it) wrote: Like the plot. Some racy stuff, but doesn't blow the movie totally.

Kate B (us) wrote: For being the third movie it was alright!

Mickaw90 (fr) wrote: Nothing special, some funny lines and moments. Typical Steve Martin comedy.

Mike L (ca) wrote: It wasn't terrible?!?

James M (de) wrote: This misogynistic comedy is frankly an embarrassment. Also , there's something about Rodney Dangerfield that makes me feel sick.

Muhammed S (br) wrote: Yes it is indeed watchable! But not much of a vampire movie. Campy Culty nonsense. A Friends circle movie.

Dan M (ca) wrote: End of the world movies, chapter 2. This one is more about the buildup to the end of the world with a mysterious random phone call that warns of a nuclear holocaust coming very soon(within the hour, but more like 2 or 3 hours instead). The love story was really blegh and bogged things down in spots. When all hell breaks loose from people eventually finding out about the nukes hitting, that's when things get interesting. If you're looking for a happy ending, you're not getting it here, just FYI. Decent, but at least it's short.

Alex S (nl) wrote: Fun 80s monster B movie starring David Carradine, Richard Roundtree and Michael Moriarty.

Bon B (ru) wrote: There are some amazing visual effects in this, the story is not the best though. This is not quite hard-science fiction, especially with the whole tweezers and shrinking thing, but it has some betrayal in it!

David H (ru) wrote: This movie has all star cast, I am glad to add to my collection

Rodney E (mx) wrote: A forgettable pseudo Western from the 90's that goes nowhere or does nothing. Last Man Standing could have been really great but was just sloppy.

Gilles T (fr) wrote: Great little movie, great music...

Bev V (ca) wrote: Low-budget cheesy horror film, which is exactly what they set out to accomplish. It has a self-deprecating sense of humor and a surprisingly funny explanation for what's going on. Won't win Academy Awards, but King fans should find it amusing, and there are some decent performances.

Stephen L (kr) wrote: Watched it on Netflix for the first time so none of the sound issues that many reviewers complained about.

Dustin D (nl) wrote: "Cabaret" is an uncomfortable, odd and memorable musical.

Ruby H (gb) wrote: Sure it was sexy but the story was just not powerful enough to make it a good movie.

Lee D (au) wrote: Classic gruesome tale. I Followed along with the Shakespearean script. Had no idea how wicked it was; more so than "King Lear." Not for the faint-of-heart. At least I know the story now.....