A team of trained secret agent animals, guinea pigs Darwin, Juarez, Blaster, mole Speckles, and fly Mooch takes on a mission for the US government to stop evil Leonard Saber, who plans to destroy the world with household appliances. But the government shuts them down and they are sentenced to a pet shop. Can they escape to defeat the villain and save the world?

G-Force is the name of a special team of trained secret agent animals. The government train animals to work as spies to stop a rascal billionaire from taking over the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (ag) wrote: Where do horses sleep exactly?"The girls from Lalaloopsy happen to come across some talking ponies in their magically land. The ponies wish to put on a special performance, but some of their props need to be fixed. The ponies and girls work together to fix the props and put on an amazing show."These flowers aren't ripe yet."Three directors collaborate to deliver this picture. The storyline is fairly week and felt like a basic Saturday cartoon. The animation style was also very ordinary but I will say the voices fit the content and characters well."I didn't realize that you weren't a pony."We came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. My daughter watched it from beginning to end and generally liked it. I felt this was a pretty weak addition to the genre and I was so disappointed by this film. Overall, this is worth watching with your child once but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."That wasn't supposed to happen."Grade: D+/C-

Dan S (de) wrote: Even though the showing of the bands real struggle is played safe here, the celebratory nature of the bands resurrection is fully realised here, the opening sequence of Ian Brown walking along the front row of the crowd in slow-motion to "I Wanna Be Adored" being a goosebumps moment, the bands early interviews and current day rehersals being other highlights.

Will D (ag) wrote: Found this through the group's sketch comedy site. I love the idea, and the way it was presented in parallel with "behind the scenes" type content of the writers own reactions to creating it and seeing it for the first time gave it some more depth that couldn't be present in a 15 page at a time stitched together script. The performances of the leads Caleb and Megan were really special, having to basically convey 5 different voices in the same film in a way that is true to the writer but still somewhat contiguous for their characters. The range of campy, serious, silly etc must have been a blast, because how much fun they were probably having. Overall, a fantastic answer to the "where are we now" question.

Loreley E (ag) wrote: Une com (C)die franaise rigolote avec tous les bons clich (C)s sur les arabes.

Jeffrey L (br) wrote: This AvP cash-in by The Asylum, one of my favorite low-budget movie companies, has an alien ship crashing in a forest near a small town and an alien spider-like monster escapes (Which BTW, looks NOTHING like the alien on the DVD cover) and it starts killing people in that forest. A metal-covered robot-like alien starts hunting it down, killing any humans that get in its way. As for the humans, there is a group of teenagers camping in the forest, and a Sheriff and Reporter team-up that's trying to get to the bottom of the odd events.This is bad, even by Asylum standards. ALL the acting from everyone that is not the Reporter is beyond bad - even worse then High School school film project bad - and the effects are the worst I have ever seen this company do. There is some good gore though, and the musical score is way better then this movie deserves.

Scott E (it) wrote: Poorly acted, poorly scripted. The visuals are at times stunning, it is somewhat shocking at how poorly the actors draw you into the story, which is rather thin to begin with. I expected more from a James Cameron production, and because of that my rating is lower. Director Alister Grierson seemed to mail it in. The film never acquired the urgency it deserved. This director strikes me as more of a cinematographer than a director.

Sean F (gb) wrote: Is... is that a porn?

Bass 9 (ru) wrote: We all want to be loved.

David W (br) wrote: An example of a good idea done horribly wrong.

bloody w (jp) wrote: if only Samuel l Jackson would do more roles like this

Chok S (kr) wrote: Another bigfoot horror film this year beside Willow Creek and a surprisingly enjoyable one. From the director of The Blair Witch Project, while it may not be as genuinely scary as the two films mentioned above but it's definitely the most entertaining one. Exists moves quick to its story and brings in the thrill from start to finish with enough motive and reason unlike most films in this genre. The creatures here look really SCARY and frightening in some scenes but as I said earlier, it's more of a thriller film here and it succeeds in delivering that premise. The GORES here are kept at minimum, so don't expect any gruesome scene here. Overall, despite its countless cliche' dialogue, this is a less shaky found-footage horror/thriller film that really builds its tension and keep you at the edge of your seat most of the time. [B]

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