G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

An elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe, operating out of The Pit, takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.

Two soldiers stationed in Kazahkstan (Captain Duke Hauser and his partner "Ripcord") are ordered to transport special warheads created by MARS, an arms' manufacturer controlled by James McCullen. When they are attacked by thieves (led by Anastasia DeCobray, with whom Duke has history), they are saved by a top secret, international special forces unit known as "G.I. Joe". The leader of G.I. Joe, General Abernathy (or Hawk) is on the trail of the thieves: an evil organization called "Cobra". While Duke and Ripcord train to join the Joes, McCullen ("Destro") is secretly working for Cobra and plotting to recapture his metal-eating "Nanomite" warheads. Duke and Ripcord (with help from Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes, and the rest of the Joes) must prove that they are Real American Heroes -- by stopping the launch of these warheads before Cobra uses them to take over the world.

[en] Two soldiers stationed in Kazahkstan (Captain Duke Hauser and his partner "Ripcord") was ordered to send missiles specially created by MARS, which produces weapons controlled by James McCullen, when they were attacked by robbers (led by. anastasia DeCobray which Duke has history), they will get help from the special secret called "GI Joe" leader of GI Joe, General abernathy (or eagle) on the trail of thieves: an evil organization called "Cobra. "while the Simply plug in and ripping off Porto with Joes, McCullen ( "Destro") secretly working for Cobra and plans to retake the missile warhead "Nanomite" eat his metal. Duke and Rip Chords (With help from Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes and the rest of the Joes) have proven to be a true American hero by stopping the launching of these missiles before Cobra takes it to the world.

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Users reviews

Adam R (jp)

Gus Van Sant's own private movie. The rest of us don't really get it. It is truly one of the more pretentious films I've seen with almost no entertainment value other than some good acting from River Phoenix. (First and only viewing - 9/1/2016)

Allaiyah W (jp)

Everyone in my family has different tastes, but we all like this movie.

Bloodmarsh K (us)

Jimmy Stewart wasn't afraid to ride along with actors who could possibly steal the show. Arthur Kennedy is the star here, and it's not often you find a character as likable as the one he plays, turn heel so late into the movie.

Dan B (gb)

British made horror comedy and all the better for it.

Greg W (kr)

good pirate actioner no relation to the natalie portman vehicle of the same name.

Justin O (fr)

A decent comedy about pregnancy, though Hugh Grant isn't a great actor.

Lisette O (ag)

I really like this movie

Michael K (jp)

If you don't take it seriously, this is a hilarious movie! My wife and I love to watch this one, because it keeps us laughing.

Nancy T (gb)

we couldn't get through it. really bad. she's a decent enough actor but the script was terrible. you could smell the political correctness coming a mile off. ugh.

Nigel C (fr)

Wonderful entertainment.Schooling monsters was ever so much fun.Nice chance to spot the future monsters in the background.