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The stooges are discharged from the army and go to see their fiancée, but find they have been dispossessed and the wedding is off until they find a home. The boys have trouble finding a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Evan M (au) wrote: A brilliant love letter to one of the true Legends of Music, Reggae or otherwise. Hats off to Kevin McDonald on this definitive & essential 145 minute documentary.

Ian S (ru) wrote: Big monsters and cavemen and injuns and dinosaurs and loads of violence and blood. This has absolutely nothing to do with the video games, skeptics. It's a comic.

Jessica B (es) wrote: David Wenham is such a great Australian actor. This film sticks in my mind as one that portrayed (really well) how discusting and selfish humans beings are. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, as I don't really 'enjoy' any of the movies I really like. It is worth seeing.

Brynn H (ca) wrote: ehh....kinda boring, and she was wearing the ugliest outfit the whole movie....didnt really like or get the ending but honestly I was not paying much attention.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: David Tennant is a fine Hamlet (although, like most actors who take on the role, a little too old), but Sir Patrick Stewart knocks it out of the park as both Claudius and the Ghost.

Anna Q (us) wrote: Sweep the leg, Johnny!

Guillaume H (gb) wrote: By far the best in the series and one of the best horror movies of my life. Its strenght is in the storywriting (but dialogue, not so much), Attention was given to get it right. It manages to be scary, its moods always shift in a way that makes sense and even the acting that tends to be campy in that kind of movies is ocassionally not awful. It builds up on the 1rst one; this is the movie that made Freddy who he is.

Ryan C (br) wrote: It's got a few good laughs, but ultimately it's just another mediocre comedy for Dane Cook to drive into the ground.

Courtney S (ru) wrote: omg i havent seen this movie in forver!!!

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